Exclusive Premiere: Saralunden – Hug Me


Winter is almost here, so hold your loved ones tight – at least those of you that care. Yesterday, Gooiland Elektro premiered a track from the December-release, of Saralunden’s forthcoming 12¨, titled “Suggestive Boy“. It was the title-track on the release itself, namely; “Suggestive Boy“. Which seemed to have gotten a warm welcome from the awaiting listeners. I was interested in the release itself before, but had no idea what was coming my way. Sara Lundén herself is a Swedish singer, musician and performance artist. Today, I got to hear more from her current repertoire that is going to come out in December, and I must say that I was blown away by the atmospheric sensuality and sincere need of closeness – is a recipe for fantastic afterthought. Why do I say this? Because everything seems so thought out, yet spontaneous. You begin thinking about who you hold dear, and why they mean so much to you. With her wonderful disco-vibes and enigmatically, dark synthesizers – she sets sail for a love long lost, a kind of kicked back nostalgia that is fitted to our reptile brain. Everything you’d ever remember from “back in the days“, a kind of retro-fantastic throwback and eulogy to a certain kind of nostalgia I’ve felt myself. It’s not about being stuck in the past or in those lovely memories, but it’s about remembering them and realizing how dearly you actually need to hold them, before they disappear away. A reminder to everyone, that should enlighten you and make you caress those special memories, because they’re the only ones you have. With winter closing in, I believe that these moments in your life will appear before your eyes and lead your way. This track is very dear to me even though I’ve only spent a whole night listening to it, so I wanted to collaborate with Gooiland Elektro and give you the track “Hug Me” – which is the last track on the 12¨-release itself. Stream this exclusive track down below and check out Sara Lundén on Facebook.