Premiere: The Tobler Orchestra – Scry [Musicvideo]

Well, what can be said? The Tobler Orchestra ain’t working alone in this universe. Because the producer behind this particular alter-ego have been placed on a compilation with five other artists and groups. The well-known minimal synth act Xiu, AKA Oksana Rodinova – have made Minimal Trend Records her homestead for now. There is also where the magic will happen, as this compilation will be the first release on this label and spark the continuation of minimalism within the electronic genres as such, obviously channeling it from the “trend” of it. Because, quite frankly, isn’t minimal synth and wave a trend by now? Everyone seems to be up over their heads trying to conjure something magical within the boundaries, and outwardly towards others – within this niche, that has become widespread. The “Minimal Milan EP“, which is the compilation’s name, will be available for purchase on the 12th of December. The artwork is courtesy of David Imbërnon, a Spaniard with a wicked sense of proportions, and art as such. When it comes to the artists involved on this compilation, they are the following: AU+, Plovdiv, Words and Actions, MM2, and MarryMe2Night. Of course, The Tobler Orchestra are also featured, but that might’ve made sense in a paragraph above. MarryMe2Night is the alterego for Oksana Rodinova, in which she explores a darker and more steadfast realm in the minimal universe.


Anyway, that’s not why we’re here. We’ve gotten the honor to premiere the music-video for the track “Scry“, featured on this compilation, by The Tobler Orchestra. You can watch it up above and you can stream the two tracks currently available from this compilation – down below.