Interview with Michael B. Wood of The Anxiety Of Love!


The Anxiety Of Love, oh how they are undiscovered. They might wish to remain that way, but in this shrouded cloud of mystery – you find a great dose of melancholy, but on a whole other level. They are compromised of Michael, who’s got a history of being in different interesting bands, like Joan Of Arc Family – for example. He’s also the singer of this band, alongside Paul who play the guitar have been in Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Sailor on the bass guitar is in Clockwork Alters, and Solomon is their household drum-machine. Together with the occasional visit of Tobias, who seem to be floating around in a void. Every single one of these members have been involved in one band or another. They’ve earlier released a bunch of songs by themselves, but more recently, they’ve gotten a 7¨ released by Tujunga Flats, and will have another 7¨ out on Peripheral Minimal later on in Autumn. With that said, they’ve recently mailed out their self-released CDr bootleg titled “Soap In The Blood“. So one can say that they’ve got a lot going for them right now. I would consider them to be unique in many ways, which is why I’m even remotely interested in them in the first place. Michael B. Wood of the band contacted me and all we ended up with was this beautifully melancholic interview. He talks about life-changing incidents, the band itself, how they cope with their melancholy, what their melancholy means, the importance of silence, how alike Lebanon Hanover and they are – and much more. Read and weep.

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Exclusive Premiere: Os Ovni – No Time Static Hide


The clock is ticking, time is running out. We’re just here to be with you for a while. The duo Os Ovni have been releasing their delightful mixture of synth-pop, minimal synth and dream pop, also channeling other differentiating electronica that can be hard to put together – since 2010. The duo consists of Logan Owlbeemoth and Omebi Velouri, whom have been performing together beneath various experimental electronic aliases in a period of 15 years. By the way, did you know that “Os Ovni” actually means “The UFO” in Portuguese? Now you know. Back in 2010, they released the single “Something In The Sky” on Answering Machine Recordings. A year after that, they followed it up with a split-release with Modern Witch, which got placed on the label Tundra Dubs. After a lot of moving around on different labels, releasing a split with Blue On Blue and then thundering on to participate in yet another split-release with TWINS, they’ve finally settled down and decided to release an album of their own. Together with their soothing love for specific sci-fi, our cosmos and everything in between – Os Ovni have been planning a release which goes by the name of “Lets Leave Reality“. Matt Weiner of Featureless Ghost have been the overseer when it comes to the production of this particular album. Something Cold Records have gotten the honor to release this, and this is probably what further cements their wish to turn away from reality and embrace space. I must say that this record is oozing of minimalism, twirling synthesizers, space-y virtual rooms that places oneself into their cybernetic shoes. Invisible Guy has gotten the honor to premiere a single from their album, and more to come, but first up is “No Time Static Hide” – the fifth song on this eight-tracked album. You can listen and stream the song down below, so you can get more of a taste of what’s coming in November. I also asked Justin Carver of Something Cold (Records) about the release itself and what’s on the menu in the near future.

Last year you released a compilation of tracks, and now you’re going to release an album by Os Ovni. What can you tell us about this?

– I’ve been a fan of Os Ovni since I first heard their split 7″ with Modern Witch. Their music always stood out amongst other minimal electronic bands because of how harmonious their vocals were on top of very fragile synth work. I was able to meet them firsthand when they performed in Detroit for Something Cold in December of 2011. The show took place in a very weird little banquet hall in Mexicantown! Their performance blew me away, they had the most simplistic set up but filled the room with the most psychedelic synth waves. From then on out we stayed in touch and I continued to follow their releases and excellent video work they do (Tachyons+). Their track on the Something Cold compilation was one of the albums most well received tracks, so one day I told Logan when you’re ready, I’d be happy to release your debut LP. Him and Omebi agreed to let us release it for them! They are both incredibly hardworking musicians and I’m proud to be working with them.

What was the original purpose of Something Cold records?

– Simply to release new (and rediscover old) exciting music within the minimal electronic, industrial and wave underground on vinyl. I’ve been running the Something Cold parties in Detroit since 2009, so moving forward and starting a label seemed like the next logical step. My friend Jason Amm (Suction Records/Solvent) has provided an enormous amount of help with the label and helping it come together.

Since your first release has been sold out now for some time, what kind of reactions did it get?

– I was surprised with how fast it sold out and how well received it was. I’ve gotten a few emails from people who picked it up on a whim in record stores and wrote to express their enjoyment and curiosity about the label/party. It’s cool to see tracks from the LP pop up on playlists from radio shows and DJs around the world. Thankfully, while it is sold out, it’s not being price gouged on Discogs or Ebay yet!

Are you going to release anything else in the near future on Something Cold records?

– Absolutely. We’re talking to a few artists at the moment about our next releases. Expect it out around the first of this coming year. We also plan on doing a limited repress of the initial Something Cold compilation LP eventually as well.

Premiere: Colornoise – Pieces [FREE DOWNLOAD]


Does it seem to be noisey in here? No, I’m not talking about Noisey – a part of the VICE network. I’m actually talking about color. It’s all about Colornoise, this time. A duo consisting of Sonya Carmona and Alison Alvarado, two girls from Costa Rica whom produce highly interesting experimental noise rock, with hints of garage rock and post-punk. A vital part of their machinery, which has already been mounting an offensive next to acts such as Björk, the Flaming Lips and Skrillex in Costa Rica – last year. Everything from their eerie vocals, to their more chaos-ridden medleys, are sifting through the outskirts of each genre. Their latest album, which I’m taking a song from, is called “Polychronic“. It’s their second studio album, up to date. This is rock’n’roll from the wastelands, combined with a sweet and sour relationship of the entrenched jungles – to the cosmic journeys of the astronaut. Some of their material on this particular album is different from the other, once a ballad-like entry into their wounded souls – never a ballad. Because once you think it’s all like that, you get interrupted and roughed up by their magnificent sound. Changing from the post-punk droopiness, to putting an angel in that place, til’ the dawn comes and they slowly move forward with an experimentally charged rock-edge. It is also noticeable that their singing is very much inspired by Siouxsie of Siouxsie and the Banshees. Even though it’s really not what I’m here for, their sound is uniquely and as transparent as it should be in any situation. Changeable, thematic, but still as intriguing as if they would’ve put every track out in that manner. For your sake, my readership, you’ll get a taste of Colornoise a little bit closer to your ears. Because you’ll be able to download their song “Pieces“, from their album “Polychronic” – exclusively from Invisible Guy.

Premiär: Optic Nest – Chromosphere


Inom världen som Optic Nest har nästlat sig in i – så är allting möjligt. Det är allt från etnisk musik, musique concrete, 70-talsdängor och 80-talsvibbar som får plats inom gränserna för vad Daniel Fagerström sysslar med under detta alias. Ibland svävar man iväg på en luftig synth, för att i nästa sekund forslas förbi ett industriellt ljudlandskap, för att sedan försöka konkretisera den abstraktion som ryms inom musique concrete. Med andra ord så skapas det en jäkligt mäktig ljudbild som fylls med allt och ingenting. För den oinvigde är det kanske inte just “Ride On Silver” som man ska börja med, men det är en inkörsport till allt möjligt annat. Från att gå till en huggsexa mellan monotona tongångar, till att introduceras för en dimridå av förvrängdhet – till att helt plötsligt ha sina fötter på marken och vara jordnära – är väl en beskrivning om något av detta ljudlandskap som tornar upp sig. Varenda låt på albumet är annorlunda, men det finns ändå en röd tråd – långt därinne någonstans bland allt vimmel. Men det är inte egentligen albumet som vi är här för att prata om, utan det är just den sista låten “Chromosphere” som jag tänkte erbjuda till er, med hjälp utav Daniel Fagerström. Det finns något särskilt här i denna blandning av utsvängda synthljud, den mjuka men ändock svimfärdiga miljö som man far igenom. Det känns som att man är i nästet, när man slår på denna låt av Optic Nest. Även om jag inte är särskilt mycket för Etiopisk musik, eller etnisk i allmänhet, så är det en intressant värld som öppnar upp sig. I början hörs Daniels fjäderlätta sjungande, ackompanjerat av svepande – men inte särskilt strömlinjeformade – synthar. Ni kan nu streama denna låt här nedanför. Om ni vill köpa LP’n, så kommer den med en CD-skiva också, så den som vill köpa – kan vända sig till Moptaco Dics.

Exclusive Stream: Profligate – Dormant


Together with Gooiland Elektro, we premiere the final October batch that is coming out on that label. Earlier, you got This Morn’ Obeah and a track from the compilation Club Funny Horse. You’ve finally received the last track that is an exclusive stream here on Invisible Guy. If you know Profligate, it’s a whole new world opening itself in front of you. In this release, namely; “Can’t Stop Shaking“, he blends together the precarious synth-pop with strings attached that orients itself towards industrial, to finally spark off and ignite the fuse that is an outlandish trance-ish experience right around the corner. Everything is macabre, yet so intricate, that it doesn’t matter in the end. Because you’re on the receiving end of something painfully nostalgic, together with adamant structures that rip through your brain in a rather low tempo. Bang the drums, caress the textured landscape of abominable – yet so intriguing – synthesizers. Charge towards the gate and open the door for the track “Dormant“, which is featured on the B-Side of the two-tracked 12¨ that will be unleashed by Gooiland Elektro, sooner or later in October. You can exclusively stream that track down below, only from the Invisible Guy‘s soundcloud. A big thank you to Martijn Gessel (head of Gooiland) for making these wonderful premieres a reality.

Pre-Order: Carrion Sunflower – The Romantic Youth Of Jesus 12″ Lathe Cut LP


My friend James Light of the Die Song label have been hard at work with his first release, which is Carrion Sunflower‘s eminent album “The Romantic Youth Of Jesus“. This is a seriously intricate item that will be yours if you’re one of the last pre-orderers, which are left. As this edition, limited to 30 copies was made – it was made with ultimate care. With a lathe cut LP, housed in the heaviest of materials á la French muscle tone paper, with a silver screen print front and back – which in turn have been hand-folded by Mr. Light himself. Make sure you support his work if you’re interested in Die Song 001, as Carrion Sunflower carries his darkly material through venues of unconventionality, as he combines the acoustic splendor of lo-fi black metal atmospheres with touches of neo-folk. So, if you really want to store something unique, be sure to pre-order this gem. To celebrate this occasion and the release to come in its entirety, as it is going out for shipping sooner or later – you get a free download of the eighth track “Don’t Hold Me Close“. You can pre-order this limited edition LP over here. Support his label if you really like this, by buying this limited edition release!