Premiere: Cervello Elettronico – She’s Got Damage


Frequently, we disguise our most delicate passions within a premiere. We’ve rounded up a real treat for you this time, as we’ve gotten a hold of Cervello Elettronico. A multifaceted electronic project that has been up and running since 2001. Manufactured by the man himself, David Christian, whom also is the boss of the label SquareWāv. His latest release will be out on the 21st of October and is titled “Anima Meccanica“, which is being put out by the label Hands Productions. This is a staunch reminder for anyone who’s ever traveled deep into the hole of underground electronics. Your deathwish has been answered, and the cataclysmic beats haunt your conscience as you travel through the dense tunnels of your subconscious. Remember, you’re just the pawn that he’d use for his mind-numbingly harsh and bombastic drums, as he cuts your escape off and forces you right into the corner. Sharp synthesizers slice through your eardrums, crisp noise crash into your auditory canal. It’s everything one could expect from a side-step into electronica, harsh rhythmic noise – with a heavy dose of industrial. The guideline for it all is techno, taken from the deepest and most intriguing batch of that hardline genre. Anyway, I was side-stepping a little bit too much when it comes to this album. But from what you can hear, it’s actually really good. So therefore, I’ve been allowed to share an exclusive song with you from this album. It’s titled “She’s Got Damage“, and you can stream it exclusively from Invisible Guy – down below.

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