Exclusive Stream: Profligate – Dormant


Together with Gooiland Elektro, we premiere the final October batch that is coming out on that label. Earlier, you got This Morn’ Obeah and a track from the compilation Club Funny Horse. You’ve finally received the last track that is an exclusive stream here on Invisible Guy. If you know Profligate, it’s a whole new world opening itself in front of you. In this release, namely; “Can’t Stop Shaking“, he blends together the precarious synth-pop with strings attached that orients itself towards industrial, to finally spark off and ignite the fuse that is an outlandish trance-ish experience right around the corner. Everything is macabre, yet so intricate, that it doesn’t matter in the end. Because you’re on the receiving end of something painfully nostalgic, together with adamant structures that rip through your brain in a rather low tempo. Bang the drums, caress the textured landscape of abominable – yet so intriguing – synthesizers. Charge towards the gate and open the door for the track “Dormant“, which is featured on the B-Side of the two-tracked 12¨ that will be unleashed by Gooiland Elektro, sooner or later in October. You can exclusively stream that track down below, only from the Invisible Guy‘s soundcloud. A big thank you to Martijn Gessel (head of Gooiland) for making these wonderful premieres a reality.

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