Promo: novva falla – Before the Journey to Eben-Ezer!


Well, we hadn’t heard from novva falla in a while, but he’s already out there with his release “Before the Journey to Eben-Ezer“. This is an homage to Austin Osman Spare, an occultist an painter from the 20th century Britain that we no longer know. He’s probably most known for his contribution to the esoteric legacy in Britain at that time, and his occult grimoires titled “Earth Inferno” (1905), “The Book of Pleasure” (1913) and “The Focus Of Life” (1921). One thing that sets novva falla apart is his dedication to personalities that no-one else would even think of. Also, the fact that they’re knitted into the history of that particular country in one way or another, which in itself is fascinating, as you learn more about it. His analog minimal synth mayhem is everything from droned out landscapes, to intimate rhythms, to self-explanatory melodies. That, accompanied by haunting vocals. You’ll get eighteen tracks that you can listen to as you delve into the history and background of this release. It was released in August on his own tape-label called “Tesua“. If you buy the tape itself, you’ll get a download code with it. Support his work if you like what you are hearing.

Interview with Női Kabát!


Photograph by: Cserkúti György

Női Kabát is one of the most interesting acts coming out of Europe in these times. It consists of three people, namely Dee Rüsche (Lungs / Metal), Owen Pratt (Synthesis / Noise) and Jonas Ranssøn (Simmons / Live Drums). One of the unique things that have shaped them is the fact that they’re situated in different cities. Considering the fact of how hard it is to keep something going, when you live so far away from each other. Yet, they’ve managed to strike the public with their immerse first release “Make Room! Make Room 7¨“, which was released by aufnahme + wiedergabe. It sold out very quickly. The music itself is bordering on synth-pop, new beat and cold wave – to name a few genres which have set root with them. Since people began to talk about them, revere them with kind words, they set out upon a Summer-tour in Europe. It’s when I came in to the picture. After reading a few interviews that had been conducted with them, learning a bit more about them, it felt like I missed something. Therefore, I decided to get in touch with them and do an interview with them. This is probably one of the more in-depth interviews out there, so I hope you learn something new and like what you’re reading. Or you might hate it, for all I know. But I did my best. In this interview, we get to know more about them personally, their influences, the origins of “Make Room! Make Room!” and much more. Get in line, read it up.

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Premiere: Orchidée Noire – Défense de se noyer [Musicvideo]

Xavier Soquet, also known as “Orchidée Noire is a french-based minimal wave (and synth)/cold wave aficionado. His take on this whole ordeal is to be a little more minimalistic then his counterparts. Which is really strange, since the genre itself builds upon the concept of minimalism. Does it even get more minimal? Yes, it obviously does. Some of it actually reminds me of Techno in the start, with a nice utilization of what’s probable analogue equipment. Even though simplicity is the key, there are thoughtful layers that compromise even the smallest part of the song itself. If you’re a strong proponent of everything French, then you’d dig the vocals also. Therefore, we premiere “Défense de se noyer“, over here on Invisible Guy. Some of you might’ve already gotten the taste, but you can get even more of it here. Listen as the outdrawn synthesizers, with excruciating warmth and power in themselves are consumed by a catchy rhythmic baseline. The music-video itself is pleasurable to watch, since it feels like you’re going on your own adventure – accompanied by the song itself. Listen to it down below or watch the music-video, up above.


Exclusive Stream: Drvg Cvltvre – Year Zero


Gooiland Elektro has been releasing some gems these months that you’ve probably ordered already. Well, it’s not stopping now, because they’re stepping up. First up on the menu is the compilation “Club Funny Horse“, which will be categorized as; Enfant Terrible 028 and Gooiland Elektro 010. Yesterday, the track “Silence” by Cute Heels was pushed forward from this compilation. Today, it’s a whole other deal, with a track from this compilation that I’ve personally selected. An exclusive track that will be put out for you to stream before this release gets out there. This particular track is a hypnotizing and deeply connected being that utilizes the best of straight-forward electro and acidic vibes. With a constant rhythm that is both mesmerizing and stomping at the same time. Enjoy this shape-shifter, as you make your way to find out exactly what this track is. As titled above, it is “Year Zero” by Drvg Culture – featuring apocalyptic connotations in a pre-apocalyptic world. Stream as you wish and enjoy it while you have the time to do so. There’ll come more tracks from forthcoming Gooiland Elektro releases, but not on this day. You’ll have to dig this first.

Folkmun gör ljud till Ola Juléns diktsamling “Orissa”!


Folkmun (som är Joakim Granlund) har skapat en ljudbild för stycken ur poeten Ola Juléns diktsamling “Orissa“. Denna diktsamling släpptes 1999, och titeln är egentligen tagen från en stad i Indien. Men enligt Ola Julén själv, som nu tyvärr är framliden, så innebar det följande (enl. intervju på Promenaden):

»For mig handler det om at give associationer til noget afsides. ’Jeg skriver til dig fra et afsides land,’ står der i et digt af Ekelöf. Og det var den følelse, jeg ville ramme. Navnet Orissa er temmelig ukendt, det virker fjernt på læseren. Konkret er det en delstat en i Indien.«

Översatt till svenska av just det stycket ur intervjun, kan utläsas så här:

»För mig handlar det om att ge associationer till något avlägset. Jag skriver till dig från ett avlägset land, sår det i en dikt av Ekelöf. Och det var den känslan, jag ville gestalta. Namnet Orissa är rätt så okänt, så det verkar fjärran för läsaren. Rent konkret så är det en delstat i Indien

På ett ungefär kan det översättas på detta vis. Nåväl, jag tycker ni bör lyssna till den atmosfär som stegrar och omvälver denna poetiska uppläsning. Avnjut medelst rött vin eller vitt, eller vad ni än behagar. Denna låt är dedikerad till Ola Julén (1970-2013).

Beläten and Invisible Guy presents: Shadow Rite – A Beläten Mixtape!


Beläten have long been a proponent of Invisible Guy, or at least as long as we’ve been collaborating with each other. Thomas Ekelund is the head of this gargantuan Swedish label. It seems larger then it is, but it actually is what it seems. Invisible Guy have been a proponent of Beläten, since it’s one of the best and most exquisite labels today. It also makes me proud that it comes out of Sweden, my homestead. Earlier, he’s mixed the mixtape “Visions and Light“. This mixtape is the second one in these unofficial “series“. With 50% forthcoming material that’s going out on Beläten later this year, mixed with the majestic wonders of aufnahme + wiedergabe, La Forme Lente, Malignant Records and Avant!. With a great feature, which you’ll enjoy – a world premiere for a Trepaneringsritualen track, which will be out on Malignant Records later this year. Dance in the flaming pyre, embrace the rites of power, thrown into barren landscapes – is your ego being annihilated, in the Shadow Rite.

Invisible Guy and Beläten constitute some of the most powerful forces coming out of Sweden as we speak. Which brings me to introduce this collaboration with Beläten to you people, so that you can enjoy some exclusive songs from forthcoming releases. But do also enjoy those other songs that have been carefully selected to be featured in this mixtape. His legacy returns to my sphere once again, as his selection empowers the slumbering soul of the awaited Autumn. You will find the tracklist down below, links to Beläten and what ever you can and will find.

Shadow Rite – A Beläten Mixtape

01. Blitzkrieg Baby — Half Pig Half Man (Beläten, Forthcoming)
02. Feuerbahn — Triumphwagen (Aufnahme+Wiedergabe)
03. Dmitry Distant — System Control (Beläten, Forthcoming)
04. Michael Idehall — Snake Messiah [Distel Remix] (Beläten, Forthcoming)
05. L’Avenir — Falling Like The Snow II (Beläten, Forthcoming)
06. Makina GirGir — Oedipus Fin (La Forme Lente)
07. Női Kabát — Make Room! Make Room! (Aufnahme+Wiedergabe)
08. Grand Mal x — Tricks Of A Trade (Beläten, Forthcoming)
09. Sebastian Melmoth — Skurwysyn (Self-released, Beläten cassette forthcoming)
10. Distel — White Soldier (Beläten, Forthcoming)
11. Veil Of Light — Light (Beläten)
12. Lebabon Hanover — Gallowdance (Aufnahme+Wiedergabe)
13. Lakes — The Oldest Place (Avant!)
14. Trepaneringsritualen — Åkallan: Mímir (Excerpt) (Malignant, Forthcoming)
15. Carrion Sunflower — Wish For Death (Beläten, Forthcoming)

Beläten is looking forward to a hectic fall with great releases from Sutekh Hexen, Nordvall/Vainio, Grand Mal x, Dmitry Distant, Blitzkrieg Baby, Johan G. Winther, Distel, L’Avenir and Sebastian Melmoth, with even more epic plans for the year of 2014 e.v. |

Exklusiv Stream: The Chrysler – A World I’ll Never Know


Måndagstörsten har börjat utveckla sig efter en dag som sannerligen varit tuff för alla, eller åtminstone borde ha varit det. För på Måndagar händer oftast inte något extravagant, utan man närmar sig långsamt verkligheten återigen efter helgens sköna bris. Eftersom att det för en månad sedan redan varit aktuellt med att The Chrysler kommer att släppa ett nytt album, då det redan gått sex år sedan “The Benelux Years” släpptes år 2007. De har varit hängivna till Flora & Fauna, nog mestadels för att skivbolagsmogulen Henrik von Euler själv är djupt insyltad i bandet ifråga. Denna gång är de ännu hängivnare. En platta med elva låtar kommer att släppas lös den 9:e Oktober, som går under namnet “Hands Across The Sea“. För att fira att det faktiskt är mindre än en månad kvar tills albumet släpps i sin helhet, för er att avnjuta efter att ni betalat med riksdaler – så kommer det en exklusiv låt som Invisible Guy fått ta del av. Ni vet redan vad låten heter, men det skadar inte att upprepa sig lite väl ofta, för det här är titeln; “A World I’ll Never Know“. Den utgör nummer fyra på B-sidan, nämligen B4. Anledningen till att det blev just den låten är hur den melankoliska ådran och den stämningsfyllda atmosfären flyter in i varandra på ett så okrystat sätt som är möjligt. Den gör också att man kan strunta i Måndagsångesten och få utlopp för ilskenheten, då helgens bångstyre blir återbetalt i form utav veckans sega början. Låten ger också pånyttfött hopp, då den lagom extravaganta poporkestern skriar sig hesa i den vildmark som betongdjungeln kan vara. Ni får även chansen att se omslaget i sin helhet och inte den ofullständiga skiss som åkt upp förut. Förresten, Magnus Frederiksen har gjort det fina omslaget. Lyssna, njut – och bli hoppfulla igen. Det är min gåva till er, med hjälp utav Henrik von Euler. Lyssna till låten här nedanför.