Stream: Lebanon Hanover – Tomb For Two


A minute ago, Lebanon Hanover finally announced that you can buy their album digital and stream every track on it. Much to the joy of you misanthropes out there, because they have another jackhammer they’d love to hit you with. Existential questions plague them, within the realm for their suggestive and subliminal assault on our minds. Blending together the German language with the British, making it a dark field-trip for every European. Their earlier content have been even more miniscule, whilst they add a whole other dampened atmosphere with the minimal wave – which is used to broaden the landscape. Even though their mission is to DE-construct, it feels like they re-construct much of our Faustian soul. Mind you, this should not be considered to be a review, but rather an insight for myself and others to contemplate what this means to us. Rather; our interpretation of their words, when contrasted with the musical landscape they so carefully map out. Larissa Iceglass and William Maybelline embody a metamorphosis of feelings that contrast each other. On one hand, there’s the gravely melancholic and cynical view which they present to us through their barren landscapes, but on the other hand – there’s a world of beauty laden beneath the thorns in their side. Larissa manages to embody the dismay of how you fail to even, in the slightest, change the ingrained minds and thoughts of others. With her unengaged – yet engaged – voice of disgruntlement. Re-imagining another world through harsh emotions, hoping that there will actually be something worth to grasp on to, for their life. Tomb For Two is clearly their most outspoken work up to date, even though their outspokenness have been with them since they began, they’re maturing for each step they take. Or maybe it’s simply a decoy, to trick us all. Well, the laugh’s on you, not them. Stream their whole album down below and don’t hesitate to buy a physical copy from Fabrika Records, or download the whole deal for eight euros if you’re that type.

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