Premiere: Lebanon Hanover – Hall of Ice [Musicvideo]

Lebanon Hanover are releasing a new album today, titled “Tomb For Two“. The video itself is of the track “Hall of Ice“, which is a track taken from their album which is released today. Diego Barrera of Celestial Twins Production have directed this music-video, but he’s also the art director and he’s written it. Accompanied by assistant director Julieta Triangular, featuring Camilo Acosta, Camilo Arévalo and Michel Beauvais. Last but not least, it was edited by Adria Ghiralt. The release itself can be obtained on Fabrika Records, so if you like what you’re hearing, you can buy it over here. It’s in the vein of what Lebanon Hanover have pulled off earlier, but there’s a certain melodic vibe that haven’t been around in their earlier releases. So, there’s still some hope left for us. You can sense the hopefulness between the lines of the melancholic strikes of post-punk and cold wave. Another interesting thing is the sincere output of both English and German in the same song. It makes the whole landscape even more dismayed, as if this is the communique from Lebanon Hanover to the rest of the world. I can understand the pain they experience, since the world we’re living in isn’t really the epitome of civilization. A fighting spirit against the norms created by people in society. The video itself has a representation and is meant to portray the following:

This video is presented as a confrontation, a symbolic representation of a struggle, criticizing the role of religious images (primarily christian), which serves to indoctrinate us into accepting the norms, educating us to accept corrupted society values, employing blame (pointing to each other), ideological superiority, in which “sin” is not understood like a principle of perfection {as explained by Oscar Wilde while in prison).

On the other hand, this video is also an ode to cultural universality as a principle of tolerance, an ode to the connection with femininity and eroticism, to Rebis {The Hermetic Androgyne}.

Catharsis (removal of thorns), build revolutionary mechanisms by means of opening the mind and fighting against social conditioning.