Exclusive Stream: This Morn’ Omina – Obeah


These interesting figures within tribal electronics, industrial, ritual techno and everywhere in between, are making a minor come back with the album “Nagash“. Karolus Lerocq and Mika Goedrijk have been at it since 1997, in various constellations, when their first album “Decline And Fall Of Empires” was released on the label Afterfucht. Together with the sub-label of Enfant Terrible, namely; Gooiland Elektro, Invisible Guy will be transcending the realm of reality in favor for a more suggestive environment. This is simply not for the weak of mind, since the galloping hordes of beat tear into the tribal instincts of man. Some of it seems to be a tad psychedelic, when the heavy beats land their blow on your ears. Well, as it have been said, you now know what you’re getting into. This is Gooiland Elektro 011 and Enfant Terrible 029. In this collaboration, we give you the B2 track, which is the last track on this particular release, for you to listen to. It’s titled “Obeah” and you can stream it in full down below. It will be out in mid October, so if you’d like to order it whenever it shows up, you should go to Enfant Terrible.

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