Exclusive Stream: Drvg Cvltvre – Year Zero


Gooiland Elektro has been releasing some gems these months that you’ve probably ordered already. Well, it’s not stopping now, because they’re stepping up. First up on the menu is the compilation “Club Funny Horse“, which will be categorized as; Enfant Terrible 028 and Gooiland Elektro 010. Yesterday, the track “Silence” by Cute Heels was pushed forward from this compilation. Today, it’s a whole other deal, with a track from this compilation that I’ve personally selected. An exclusive track that will be put out for you to stream before this release gets out there. This particular track is a hypnotizing and deeply connected being that utilizes the best of straight-forward electro and acidic vibes. With a constant rhythm that is both mesmerizing and stomping at the same time. Enjoy this shape-shifter, as you make your way to find out exactly what this track is. As titled above, it is “Year Zero” by Drvg Culture – featuring apocalyptic connotations in a pre-apocalyptic world. Stream as you wish and enjoy it while you have the time to do so. There’ll come more tracks from forthcoming Gooiland Elektro releases, but not on this day. You’ll have to dig this first.