Exclusive Streaming: Ekman – Don’t Let Them In


Enfant Terrible and its sub-label Gooiland Elektro team up, one last time, together with Invisible Guy. This time we’re pushing for another release that is coming out simultaneously, in the end of August. The dutch producer Ekman have graced us with his wonderful “Nervous” 12¨, featuring four songs. You might know him from such releases as “M.S.P.” on Solar One Music, or the more well-known release for our Nordic brothers; “Kalla Rytmer Att Dansa Till I Ensamhet” on Beläten earlier this year. With one foot in acidic techno, another one in frightening electro. Also, a third one in new beat and a fourth one in early techno. You never know where he’ll step with his feet, but when he does, you’ll know it will be excellent. This release is no exception. He unleashes some of his dirtiest and darkest stuff, topped up with the characteristics of a beaten up urban environment. As you might know, you’re in for a treat once again when we collaborate. We decided to let you stream the track “Don’t Let Them In” from the A-Side of his forthcoming 12¨, for you to stream your ears off with. You can stream the whole track down below, exclusively on Invisible Guy. If you like what you hear, you might want to consider to pre-order it. You’ll be able to do this here. For those that are wondering, this release will be out somewhere in the end of August.