Premiere: Gran – Brain Freeze [Musicvideo]

I know of their existence, thanks to Totally Wired Records. The rhythms are funky, the melodies are thought-out, the impact is profound. Grandiose landscapes of rock music meets the underbelly of alternative and some post-punk, with psychedelic overtones. Lovely vocals, crass guitars and deepened baselines. Yes, I’m talking about Gran. The latest addition to Totally Wired Records, with three songs, three singles. They deserve to be in the limelight, as their slimy aesthetics make you begrudge that you’re not one of them. Continually chasing the spirit that is developed within their sound-scape, always after something. But, you know, you wish we’d dance like them. Their song “Brain Freeze” just got a music-video, which is what I’m talking about right here. But if you want to, you can both stream their singles and watch their music-video. Not at the same time, though. If you’re not some supernatural and abnormal human being that know how to multitask to the extreme. Just let it pour in, let it dissolve and make up your mind. By the way, their singles are available for free download ONLY today on the 19th of August. So get to it, people!


Spotlight: Black Baron – Divine Chains


I don’t know where they’re from, but I’m guessing America, which is right – since they’re from Hamilton. If you notice their dialect. On the Victim House-label, two days ago, Black Baron released a four-tracked album on cassette. An album titled “Divine Chains“, with agony channeled through a modest landscape of “dream”-punk and post-punk. One thing to note is their wonderful melodies, which sure are apt to be described as just dreamy. Which gives the “dream”-punk title more justice. Everything from the agonized vocals to the earnest intentions of the music, are incredible. They’re not the stiff incarnation of unoriginal post-punk that have been flooding the gates lately, because they’re kind of doing their own things, which gives a lot of pleasure to your ears. Instead of listening to the recanting of dozen post-punk bands out there. With their tracks “The Twisting Fate Of Future Years“, “The Cold Fluorescent Light Of Blinding“, “Divine Chains” and “(Outro)” – they deserve a place amongst the more original in these years. Thanks for not budging, thanks for creating something of your own. Stream the whole ordeal down below, listen to it, and buy their cassette from Victim House if you like it.