Premiere: Earn – Stray

Hell On Earth Bathetic copy

Bathetic Records never seem to surprise, when they put out another great release. This time, Earn, or Matthew Sullivan that is – have been occupied in the making of “Hell On Earth“. A four-tracked 12¨, which has been printed in 300 copies on white vinyl. It’s been two years since his latest full-length release “A Following Shadow” was put out by Post Present Medium. But with this release, there’s a whole other deal of magic being ready to get scooped out. His earnest quest for sublimity and foggy escapades into shrouded mountains of sound, have surely made this release even greater. Droning into a sullen landscape filled with naturalistic experiences, with his blending touch of abnormality to be laid upon the sound-scape as a whole. To contend the need of archaic noises that meet modernity in a swirl of hidden surprises. Since we like this song a lot, we decided to premiere the track “Stray” from his forthcoming release. You can listen to it down below, coming directly from the Bathetic soundcloud. For those of you that seem keen on it can pre-order it over here.

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