Spotlight: Cold Colors & Xiu – Loneliness


A months ago, Frédérick Barbe and Oksana Rodionova, otherwise known under the monikers Cold Colors and Xiu – teamed up with each other. On a release that came to be known as “Loneliness“. Here, you can envision a Xiu that is a little more soft-spoken, but that still carries her original characteristics with her vocals. When molded together with Cold Color’s sincere and melodious soft-spoken synthesizers, you get the best of two worlds. Forget the harshness of minimal synth, embrace the cold wave to the full extent. Sure, it can be counted in as minimal wave, or synth for that matter. But expect an exquisite cuisine, served with the best ingredients, as you waltz into their world. Be certain that you’ll shed a tear or two, as the cloudy waves of delight dwell in the darker corners of our saddened mind. Whilst its true that black is the color of choice, there’s also hints of new wave parting within the sound-scape. So for those of you that are a little bit more cheerful, try to hear those nuances, and you’ll be on your brightest side. Everything is delicate, and if you touch it, it will most certainly break. When loneliness hits you, you’d wish for something more. The material for this release was recorded in between 2012-2013, in Bordeaux and Milano. You can listen to it in whole, down below.