Review: Abandoned Asylum – Derelicts Of Distant Hope (CD)


Yet another review coming from Malignant Records, in the form av Abandoned Asylum, which is the solo-project of Lukasz “Dani” Czajka, the polish native that was newly signed. In case you didn’t know, his release “Derelicts Of Distant Hope” is his first full-length album. Having released two digital EP’s on the much revered Kalpamantra Records, earlier. Whereas his mantra is dark ambient with a touch of industrial, there might be more to it. The project itself was founded in 2004 and has had a long time to get crafted. So, it’s time to deliver a review of this release here on Invisible Guy, so scroll down and view it as a whole. It will be yet another track-by-track review, just so everything is covered within this release as the review progresses. Once again, thanks to the postal service of the US, I get no other impression than the front-cover and the music at hand.

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