Spotlight: Youth Code – Carried Mask


Photo by: Zed Cutsinger

It’s gone two days since Youth Code premiered their single “Carried Mask” from their forthcoming self-titled release on Noisey. I haven’t really been following them as closely as other people have, because I haven’t been that interested to be honest. But since I read that virtually everybody loved their newly premiered single, I had to take a look, keeping in mind that I had heard their earlier material a while ago. What I heard is miles away from their earlier stuff, which is great indeed, because now I can love them a little bit more. Their Nitzer Ebb-ish early industrialized EBM touch really sticks with me, as their carried steel is smashed against the nearest barrel, paired with the agonizing vocals – shrieked with a raspy voice, turning into a nightmare on wheels. Another thing that suck with me was the sample that they use in the beginning and throughout, which makes it a little bit more militarized than it would’ve been otherwise. This would also remind me a little bit about Manufacture, one of the more shrouded oldschool EBM-acts, blending both the new beat craze with militaristic tenure in their song “Armed Forces” from their most known release “Terrorvision“. If you conclude that this blend is hazardous to you, you’re in the right spot. Even though Youth Code could settle with a little bit more punch for me to like it, they’ve greatly improved since last I heard them. Which is positive indeed, but I’m just another brick in the wall of positive critique that have been typed throughout the internet. I don’t know if they might consider themselves to be part of any wave, but it feels good to at least have some faith in industrial regained, as this track keeps banging in the back of your mind. Firstly, it’s pretty much a nostalgic trip. Secondly, it’s a song that can easily stick to you and stay, instead of just going away in some days or so. It’s been on my mind since it was released and I can’t wait to receive the full ordeal. You can pre-order it over at Dais Records, but it seems like they’re going quick, so hurry up.