Exclusive Stream: Ill Clinton – Ragnarok


Now we’re going strong again, this time with another collaboration together with I Had An Accident Records. They’ve been sprouting out tapes on a regular basis, but now they’re slowing down a bit to get a little time to think about things. No, that’s not true, but the tapes are a little more scarce. Since July is almost over, Summer is rapidly coming to an end. But there are still remnants left in August, which is what we’ll show you. Well, since we’re not experts on hip-hop, in whatever way it might manifest itself – we’ll uphold place for Ill Clinton. Just so we can learn more. He’s also known as “Vibe“, and have been producing a lot of different stuff throughout the years, as well as being occupied with the aforementioned solo-project. Underground hip-hop is his placeholder, as he swoops through the concrete jungle. As we’re not particularly fond of hip-hop with any vocals, the instrumentals will do. These luminescent pieces of history that travels at a train’s speed, withholds its influences deep from the subway. Loneliness is a feeling, that can surely be felt by the empty; yet forcefully desolate beats. Making room for more, with less. It makes our Scandinavian hearts pound with pride, as our ancient Norse mythology gets represented in beats. This will be written as “Ragnarok“, which is the album that will be released on I Had An Accident Records on the 6th of August. We here over at Invisible Guy can give you more then a sneak-peek into the world of Ill Clinton, because we have the whole material for ourselves. So, in collaboration with IHAA, we decided to let it loose for you all to listen to before you buy it. It will be limited to 200 copies, so be swift and get it while you can. You can stream it exclusively down below, or simply make your way into the words of the label-head himself, as he describes the tape:

According to Norse Mythology, Ragnarok represents the end… three forceful winters with no summer… the decline of morality and the bitter end to existence. Ill Clinton captures the doom of the Gods without sounding thunderous as one would predict. As the cold winters freeze the Earth, so does the smooth jazz influenced beats and atmospheric samples Ill Clinton produces. The blunted chill sounds have a calming end to them. The clear vibe in this album suspends time, maintains chaos, and weathers the storm like a Viking ship sailing across the Atlantic. The eeriness is capturing and telling. As I listen to the album I imagine snow gently falling, surrounding the sky and mystifying the atmosphere. Limited to 100 green cassettes on cobalt tape.

Ill Clinton is a Philadelphia producer.
Plunge into the world of “Ragnarok“, together with Ill Clinton, because he’ll show you the mayhem of yesteryear – yet keep the modernity intact, as he sweeps through your mind with delicacy and intricate meaning.
1. The Rain Is
2. Black Pontiac
3. The Apart
4. Apile
5. Yggdrasill
6. Muffz
7. Again
8. Tyrantula
9. Dummie
10. Manic Depression
11. Taeph
12. Carolina
13. Two The Tear
14. Juniper

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