Premiere: Modern Movement w/ exclusive picture and a free download!


Outtake in the making of the Modern Movement book. Artist: Noisy Pig.

Modern Movement was founded in Berlin year 2010, as a platform for different concepts. Their main focus have mainly been limited to eclectic, nocturnal sub-genres. Brought up by people with, as they call them; “ambitious, international misfits with irreproachable taste“. Developing the often applauded creativity of Berlin. Involving filmmakers, photographers, DJ’s, artists, musicians and performers. Arranging events, parties and the likes of it. One of the main persons behind this rather newly emerged “movement”, if you want to call it that, is Jen Ellerson. A tireless promoter from Berlin, who decided to make something of the different bands, artists and groups that have slowly emerged from the center of it all. This, in turn, led to the advancement of the compilation that celebrates it all – namely the forthcoming release “V/A – Modern Movement – The Compilation“, getting put out by the German label aufnahme + wiedergabe. Featuring the artists, groups and bands: Gertrud Stein, Jemek Jemowit, Mary Orcher + Your Government, Germinal, Noisy Pig, Privacy, Nao Katafuchi, Velvet Condom, Petra Flurr + Modernista, Aniaetleprogrammeur, Nuclear Family, Mueran Humanos, Sixth June, Oberst Panizza, Bloodygrave & Die Lust!, Reckless Redemption, Team PI​$​$ and reliq.


Which takes us another step on the road. Combining a compilation with a book, which is an excellent idea. The book contains 47 portraits of those that have made this progress in Berlin. Including portraits of everyone involved in the compilation. Even though there’s not much more that might be known about the book then that, it creates a lot of anticipation, because from what can be seen – the exquisite work of photographer Tom Kavanagh, is something that would be of interest for everyone. Including those not involved from within, or in near boundary to this movement and the music surrounding it. By having known the project for a little amount of time, you want to know about it even more. Invisible Guy have shown you a little bit from the inside of the project, as Noisy Pig is being photographed, in the making of the book – which you’ll see at the top of this page. Another thing will also be offered, for every fan of this project, as one song from the compilation is made available for free download. The track “Pflanzen Unter Dem Eis“, by the artist Oberst Panizza, can be listened to down below and downloaded.


For those of you near Berlin, you should check out the release-party for the book on the 27th of July, 10 PM. Which will take place on Mind Pirates in Berlin, on Schlesische Str. 38, 10997. Sixth June will be playing live, and Michelle Bard / KADDISH will be in charge of a performance. Also, James E. Murphy will be in control of the visuals. DJ Sets this night will feature Philipp Strobel + Ian P. Christ (Death # Disco / aufnahme + wiedergabe), Alex Plush Anders (Kleine Happen 80er / King Kong Klub), Blix (Brave Exhibitions) and Robotmonk + Mullet (Less Than Zero). If you buy the book for 15 Euro, you’ll get free entry. Otherwise, it costs 8 Euro. As for the compilation itself and the book, you can get both from aufnahme + wiedergabe for 20 Euros. A low price for such great items. You can also stream the whole compilation on Invisible Guy.

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