Premiere: The Pocket Rockets – Somewhere We Can Be Alone


Yes, one of my dear bands have released another string of music. No, I’m not in this band, it’s just that I liked them a lot a while ago. Therefore, their newest material (and single) “Somewhere We Can Be Alone“, takes me back to where I was. Indie rock met new-wave and had a child that turned out to be The Pocket Rockets. Miss-mashing in between brother shoegaze, and sister post-punk. Yet another reminder of how awfully great summer can be, because that’s where we are right now. Recorded in a bedroom, in East Los Angeles between Spring and Summer, where the singer resides. It was mastered by Jon Siebels (ex- Monsters Are Waiting, EVE 6). The happy-go-lucky atmosphere of the song is stunningly beautiful, in all its simplicity. I wouldn’t say that it’s generic, just because the melodies and rhythms are rather basic, because the catchiness of it is something beyond just that. Sometimes you just don’t need anything else, just because you want to shake your hips to a song about summer and love. Everything’s fine, as the baseline roots the sound a little bit deeper, catapulting with the energy of the band as a whole. Steadily waddling forward, with baby-steps, together with the percussion of the almost psychedelia-like surroundings. First and foremost, you should listen to it, because it will be worth it. It might also end up being the song you’d associate with Summer.

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