Exclusive Stream: A.P. Felix – Electronic Tonalities


Back again, for another round of I Had An Accident Records. Hopefully, you’re not getting fed up by these marvelous presentations, because I am getting fed up myself. However, something that will not be tiresome is all the great music that is flowing our way. Especially in this collaboration, since there’s such a wide-range of inspiring artists, groups and what not. IHAA holds the banner high, since releases seem to come fairly regularly. Since it’s only one day left before everything is released, there will only be one more exclusive stream. We’re down with you, going way down into the experimental hole. Disturbing electronica, seeping through every door and window of your house. Better close them, because something supernatural might heed the call, and try to come into your domains. This is clearly atmospheric, malevolent, and distressing in its essence – but still a magnificent work of art. I would say that you could picture yourself with Alice in Wonderland while listening to this music. Remember, time is everything, but it’s slowly floating away from you. In these lands, your meditative conscience will be your only guide. A.P. Felix, who’s real name actually is Andrew Felix, resides in Los Angeles, California. He’ll take you on a trip which you’ll never forget, with this new release titled “Electronic Tonalities“, which will be released on the 9th of July as a C37 cassette. If you need more information, please look down below at what IHAA has written about the release:

Inspired by electronic components and the early history of electronic music/sound, A.P. Felix constructs Electronic Tonalities. The 37 minute experiment pays tribute to the pioneers of the genre and is programmed on modular synthesizers and other hardware synthesizers. The end result features blips of atmospheric waves and tones that gently dance with layers of synth and beats. Felix masters the modular components and develops a rare style of historical significance.

A.P. Felix, aka Andrew Felix, is from Los Angeles, CA. “Superchrome” tape was used in making this album.


1. Crystal Tuning Stability

2. Tempo Cave

3. Rabbit Hair

4. Busy At Manhattan Research

5. Roymond’s Playground (FM)

6. Triangle Tripod

7. Jungle Show Time

Premiere: The Pocket Rockets – Somewhere We Can Be Alone


Yes, one of my dear bands have released another string of music. No, I’m not in this band, it’s just that I liked them a lot a while ago. Therefore, their newest material (and single) “Somewhere We Can Be Alone“, takes me back to where I was. Indie rock met new-wave and had a child that turned out to be The Pocket Rockets. Miss-mashing in between brother shoegaze, and sister post-punk. Yet another reminder of how awfully great summer can be, because that’s where we are right now. Recorded in a bedroom, in East Los Angeles between Spring and Summer, where the singer resides. It was mastered by Jon Siebels (ex- Monsters Are Waiting, EVE 6). The happy-go-lucky atmosphere of the song is stunningly beautiful, in all its simplicity. I wouldn’t say that it’s generic, just because the melodies and rhythms are rather basic, because the catchiness of it is something beyond just that. Sometimes you just don’t need anything else, just because you want to shake your hips to a song about summer and love. Everything’s fine, as the baseline roots the sound a little bit deeper, catapulting with the energy of the band as a whole. Steadily waddling forward, with baby-steps, together with the percussion of the almost psychedelia-like surroundings. First and foremost, you should listen to it, because it will be worth it. It might also end up being the song you’d associate with Summer.