Exclusive Stream: Cisfinitum – Satellite / First Human Ferro – Centrifuga


Back from another long hiatus, giving something to you that have been waiting. There’s a smaller label out there called Old Captain Records, which is run by Olegh Kolyada from Ukraine. It’s an industrial-label that features everything from industrial, to dark ambient, noise and everything related. Since he’s going to be putting out a batch of totally new records, he’s collaborating with Invisible Guy to give you three tracks from the upcoming releases. First up is Cisfinitum, which is the moniker for the russian industrial-ambient producer Evgeny Voronovsky. The track that is put on display for you is “Satellite“, which is a spaced out venture through the roughest of industrially laden landscapes, bound together with a core of ambient phenomenons. In turn, the release which this is going to be featured on is the forthcoming “Industriwerke 2002-2012“. A collection of tracks from this period of time. Tighten your headphones around your ears, turn on your stereo or listen as you please – to this phenomenal track.


Now, on to some other interesting stuff. The label-owner himself, Mr. Olegh Kolyada, also delivers gut-wrenching music. By the name of First Human Ferro, he delivers a fatal blow to everyone of you out there whom are into the mix of ambient, film-like music and industrial. With a bombastic spear being driven into your ears, his music shatters any hope you’d have left in your body by now. Today, we here on Invisible Guy can offer you an outward look on his newly released album “Centrifuga“, along with streaming it here – wholly on our blog-zine. This is simply an astonishing release that has been overlooked. It’s not too overtly bombastic, as it entrenches you with the subliminal messages he’d only  wished of delivering, through sound. Don’t worry, you will not forget the morbidness of it in a long while. So why not stay here, in the light, as you stream it on your own? Look no further.

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