Premiere: Ovro – Loner


Since the much anticipated album “Id​|​entities” by Ovro is around the corner, I’ve decided to co-operate with the Finnish label Some Place Else, so that I could give you a track that you could stream. Invisible Guy is proud to present the track “Loner“, from the aforementioned album, for you – so you can exclusively stream it and be filled with joy. This particular track is subliminal, suggestive and completely experimental. It takes you to a whole other realm, contrasting everyday life to the extreme. Consequently eliminating the barriers of music, thinking themselves out of the box. “Id​|​entities” will be released on the 4th of July, by the Finnish label Some Place Else. If you like what you hear, why not head over to their headquarters on bandcamp, to pre-order? If you do that, you’ll get an exclusive CD-r, 2-sided poster, and of course – the Id​|​entities CD-r. Head out, go in, turn inside out. Or simply stream the track yourself, by clicking the button down below.

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