Exclusive Stream: Machine Circuit / DJ U – 700112462481 Split


Invisible Guy have been enlightened by the apparition that is I Had An Accident Records. Which means, that in a sweet collaboration, we’ll be streaming three albums that are all due to be released on the 18th of June. This means that you’ll have a treat on set dates up until that particular date. Now, on the 10th of June, it’s time to listen to the crackling electronica of the split-release with Machine Circuit and DJ U. Representing the cities that are Los Angeles and Seattle. These fellows are on the borders of the noisy extravaganza that simply would make your ears ache for more. In a fitted balance between the egregious underground, with a foot in the more general genres, you’ll get a cocktail of the best of two worlds. With great pleasure, please insert your identification-card and venture to a world of machinery and debauchery. Now, it’s time to introduce these fellows for us deadly folks. As their invincibility is raging, with a snapshot of a totally adventurous mix, maybe you should lay back and prepare yourself. If you need to know more, you should consult the cyborg that is IHAA, whom put out the following statement about the release:

700112462481 represents a barcode, a machine readable representation of data. Numbers and lines that form meaning only when interpreted through mechanics. Machine Circuit and DJ U fill out this split tape as an illustration of how mechanics can be interpreted, repositions, and reinterpreted. Machine Circuit is the collaboration of Igor Amokian and Big Epoch. The circuit bent master crafts his own distorted delusion of tweaked toys and noise that escalate and fall in-between the cracks of beats and production of Big Epoch. The longevity is rendered and kept in time, cleanly drained and fringed. DJ U deconstructs the already deconstructed. A further exploration of the work of ’89palms of who he represents one half of, DJ U’s remixes are reminiscent of the broken LP style but limits to vocal constraints and develops its own dubbed out destroyed sonic sounds.

The two groups stand alone as distinct albums, but placed side by side they compliment one another and provide a very unique blend of machine readable representation of sound.

Machine Circuit is from Los Angeles and DJ U finds Seattle as his home. Limited to 60 yellow cassettes.

You can stream the whole release down below, exclusively, thanks to a collaboration between Invisible Guy and I Had An Accident Records. Now there’s only one release to go, which will be put up and ready to stream on the 12th of June.

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