Exclusive Stream: DenMother – Moon


Invisible Guy have been enlightened by the apparition that is I Had An Accident Records. Which means, that in a sweet collaboration, we’ll be streaming three albums that are all due to be released on the 18th of June. This means that you’ll have a treat on set dates up until that particular date. On the 8th of June, which is today, you’ll be hearing the sweet sensation that is DenMother. She’s going to be releasing an album titled “Moon“, which is a crazed out trip in between the chilled out waves of synthesizers might, and the sweet sensations of her powerful vocals. As this wondrous Toronto inhabitant takes you through a trip, with a fully-fledged eight-tracked release – you shouldn’t wait, just hit the “play” button below. For further nuances, you should read the following lines about her, straight from the IHAA headquarters:

Toronto’s beautiful voice DenMother surprises us with this deep and beautiful release. Textured layers of synth drones, booming bass and echoing vocal loops provides the sometimes chaotic, sometimes angelic ebb and flow of the energy of Moon by DenMother. Emanating spiritual frequencies that tidal over the inner soul as DenMother’s voice channels emotional turmoil and momentarily separates you from reality. Slowly and purely the tides rise and fall exposing secrets lost. Limited to 24 rhodamine red cassettes featuring hand stamped cassette art and tape boxes.

You can stream the whole release down below, exclusively, thanks to a collaboration between Invisible Guy and I Had An Accident Records. Look for the following dates if you hunger for more from IHAA: 10th of June and 12th of June.


New Moon Side:

a1. Rain

a2. Elephants Never Forget

a3. You Will Never

a4. Gold

Full Moon Side:

b1. It’s You

b2. No

b3. Night Fell On Us

b4. (Acid) Rain [10 Miles Remix]

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