Spotlight: Strangeweather – Like Shadows In Grey Rivers


This is one of those bands that have put in a lot of energy into their recordings, without expecting anything for it. Sadly enough, not many people are appreciative of that fact, but more people should be. Strangeweather from Portland are unique in every kind of way possible. It’s one of those bands that have a lot of things going at the same time, crossing through genres, no matter how steep it might be. Yesterday, they released their first album “Like Shadows In Grey Rivers“. Which is an ambitious project of sullen eyes, swollen chamber punk and interesting elements forged together in a mass. You feel like you’re in a seance, together with the band. In other words, they’re not short on emotions, which they’re displaying throughout a darkwave-inspired, underlying tone, covered in post-punk grittiness. Their sound switch and twirl, which makes you realize that you can’t hold on to anything while trying to define what it might be. Even though the tone of the album has an overlying gloom-pop sound with anarcho vibes, mostly lyrically, the rest of the influences are having a go at it whilst the brain tries to rationalize. The weird sense of nothingness, the hopeful spark that lights the match, a coagulated sound of pre-dark cabaret – fitted to be nothing short of inspiring and awe-inducing. Those sweet and utmost angelic voices on display, that play on your heartstrings are here to stay, whether you want it or not. One of the questions that remain in the end are how you get such a grand sound, even though you’re semi-acoustic? Maybe that’s a question that shouldn’t be answered, but rather kept a secret. This is an outright amazing and flawless release, which really puts everything into perspective. You’ll enjoy this, whether you’re into folk, punk, anarcho-folk, chamber punk or whatever. So give them a dime for their effort, because it is well-deserved. Their album was released on the 23rd of May, by themselves in a total D.I.Y. fashion.

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