Totalight: Gore Tech – Machine Throne


This sound will make you want to conquer your own mind, make up your own rules and jump around. Jumping in is the moniker Gore Tech, lending his hand to the believers of a mashed-up style of breakcore, heavy electronica, drum’n’bass incarnated through a funnel of punked up attitudes. His latest release “Machine Throne“, further cements the need of this kind of hardcore electronica, fused with the best of your hardwired brain going on the bonanza. Slip into a mode of totally robotic, and fit yourself out with the finest of your cyborg paraphernalia. This is beyond the realm of tidy, it’s the signals that your body will have a hard time to process. Lengthiness is not a choice – it’s your maker, when the rock hard beats and challenging speed of electronica on adrenaline – paves itself throughout your eardrums. Even machines themselves fear this four-tracked, endangering toxicity – of blended genres in modern setting. If you aren’t swearing after this experience, this isn’t something for you. Virtually, it’s a trip to some of those territories you didn’t even know existed. Nothing for the weak, only for the strong. An exclusive brain-bashing experience, filled to the brink with subliminally hard-hitting synthesizers and wobbling baselines that’ll pick you off easily. This release features four tracks and was released on the 4th of March by the German label Ad Noiseam.

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