Spotlight: ARM – Bloodbeat


Certainly, a mixture you wouldn’t have heard of, either way. As the Romanian fellows from the band ARM, grace us with their presence – they deliver a poisonous and noisy message. Currently, they’re at it with their debut-album “BLOODBEAT“, which in turn is a mix in between two genres that are far and wide away. At least if you think of it from a linear perspective. Those genres are power electronics and post-punk, which makes it much more interesting when you think about it. With crushingly heavy drumbeats, fierce noise and a distorted landscape of apathetic sounds – ARM navigates from non-electronic to electronic in a whim of dizzy electronica, meets regular post-punk. At times, it’s also militaristic when it comes to the style of the whole thing. Stylized as a concrete jungle of marching men, taming the wall of noises. Going from minimalistic and monotone, to grandiose á la the splendor of a grandeur mind. Structurally, it’s a steady shape-shifting, with a gauging bottomless pit of frustration, alienation and emotional outbursts of staleness. Their album was released by themselves on the 19th of April, featuring four tracks.

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