Midnight Smack releases a new track!


Otherwise known by the alias of “Midnight Smack“, he’s currently released a track which will serve as a preview from his coming album “Knowledge Eater“. Even though Justin Timberlake is abhorrent as an artist, there’s a sincere touch in the remixes which Nicholas Siamas produce. Therefore, with no further due, I present to you: “Justin Timberlake – Tunnel Vision (Midnight Smack Remix)“. I haven’t really indulged in the original song, but it’s definitely an improvement of what I’ve heard, and had to endure, when it comes to music. Think of a somnambulist beast, suddenly awoken, squeezed through a merger including some sweet drum & bass – with an extremely raved up sound. Which is what you’ll have to expect, if you take me on my words for this. Listen to the remix down below and remember; you can also download it for free.

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