Spotlight: Mercimer feat. Lisa Gagerman – Walk At Night (Single Edit)


Normally, I wouldn’t doubt to do it in a second. But these days, there’s a lot coming my way, so I have to sort it all out. Therefore, I’ve decided to include Mercimer and Lisa Gagerman in this post, just because the song they’ve just released, titled “Walk At Night (Single Edit)” – touches me in the right spots. Problem is, they’ve got the modernistic and more hedonistic approach to electro-pop, which isn’t something I’d normally indulge in. But with Lisa Gagermans transcendal, semi-mainstream vocals, there’s a hint of energetic and systematic fury that is simply beyond me. Encroaching in territories, thanks to Mercimer, that these modernistic acts simply don’t go in. Even though some of the repetitive vocal glitchiness is abhorrent, I like the general feeling of the song and what it’s trying to convey. This was released by the Norwegian label A New Direction Music (ANDM) on the 3rd of April.

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