Spotlight: Chelsea Rainwater – Blood & Bones


Totally spellbound, by this clever release. It’s in total awe, that I am writing this. Everything seemed to be in its ordinary place, as this asteroid hit me in the head. I am not a fan of country per se, but when you start mixing it with other genres – I’m all there with you. This is the case with the singer-songwriter Chelsea Rainwater. If I weren’t in awe of the acoustical parts of the songs, it would increase when I heard her voice. There might not be an odd edge to it, as I am used to, but it surely fits the premise. At times, it’s hard to find someone like her, because either the voice is the greatest they usually have – or simply just the acoustic. As this is entirely different, I am flabbergasted by the singing and the acoustics. Everything that seems to hit me these days, seem to somehow be connected with spring or summer. But as this mixture transcends the boundaries, it takes with it a bit of everything – folk, country and folk. It makes me want to write poems when I listen to it. All that swelling energy, all that sincere emotional outburst that knocks you over – would be something to die for. Anyway, if you’re not yet convinced, I challenge you to at least listen to it. You can do that down below. This was released by Roadside Records on the 1st of April.

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