Postlight: Various Artists – 55mm²


This time, it isn’t the usual suspect. Now it’s Germany, who’s at it once more. It’s a compilation that goes by the name of 55mm². Outliving the shared thoughts of post-rock, doom and drone. Conquering one genre after another, with different bands that have never been whispered in my ear. In a state of somnambulism, the doomed king perceives his throne – as the smoky tower of haze. There are not only these genres, as there’s also a fiery ambient sound of calmness that slips into our hemisphere. A promise of art and music, a visceral promise of post-rock musicality. The bands featured on this release are: Sundowning, Blackwvs, Fitzcarraldo, [ B O L T ], Orange Swan, Colaris, Utopia:Banished, Dyxz.Rndr, N and The Observatory. So, for this to work, you’ll need to praise the 55mm² Arts & Music festival. It is they, whom have released this compilation with the bands that will be playing at that particular festival. Located in AZ Mülheim, going off on the 3rd to 4th May this year.

Spotlight: Theatre Royal – Three Ships EP


Spotlight returns to its former glory, as we float beyond the time and space continuum. As the people glare at us, we present to you Theatre Royal, an fully equipped British adventure from Rochester. Wrought from the same shades as us, brought to justice within a mural indie context. But maybe not to that full extent, as the psychedelic pop vibes of yesteryear plague us once again. Idealizing, a world with emotionalism, outbursts of concrete emotion. With wonderful voices, contextualized instrumentation and a folky vibe to the overall potpourri of influences. When the boat leaves our sacred shores, we shall go out to sea and tame the beasts. Conjugating the extremities of everyday life, spanning through landscapes far and wide – packed into a beholder for the people to observe. Theatre Royal show their teeth, but at the same time contain themselves – because they’ve got a story to tell us. Stories that are brought upon with the sincerity and normalized energetic posture that is sorely lacking in some areas of music. The four tracks featured on their EP are “Three Ships (disappear here)“, “Learning How To Be Idle“, “Orchard Song (Sun Studio demo)” and “(Just Like) A Sunny Day In June“, released by themselves. Feel free to listen to it down below.

Some questions for Tangerine!


Tangerine is a band that formed in 2012. As a band, they play something in between new-wave and indie rock, with hints of pop here and there. They’re located in Seattle, Washington. Since they’re a relatively new band, it’s interesting that they’ve already released their debut-EP titled “Pale Summer” on Swoon Records. Which prompted me to ask them some questions about the band itself and their newly released album. Just so you can get to know them a little bit better, as these posts are a little bit formulaic. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it anyway, because I know that I do.

Could you tell me anything about the history of the band?

– We formed over the summer, but we’ve all been playing music and performing for years. Miro (drums), Toby (guitar), and Marika (vocals/guitar/keyboard) were all part of an earlier group called The Sutures during high school, and Ryan (bass) was a member of Goldfinch while still in high school as well. After taking a few years off for college and other interests, we recently re-formed the Sutures as Tangerine, and brought Ryan on as our bassist. We jammed in Marika and Miro’s basement for a while, and in January we played our first show and recorded our first EP with Jeff of Swoon Records

When it comes to your music, you’ve been featured on a compilation from The Station Record Club. Since then, you’ve also recently released your debut-EP, titled “Pale Summer”. Are you satisfied with everything so far?

– We’ve been really fortunate to get to work with Swoon and so many other great people in the Seattle area. “Satisfied” is an interesting concept, we’re really happy with where we are at right now, but as a musician it’s probably hard to ever feel fully satisfied; we’re always trying new things and trying to push our own personal creative limits.

As you’ve made a lot of progress since you’re a relatively new band, could you describe the making of the EP as a whole?

– We’re always writing new material, so it was hard to pick which songs to record, but we feel like the four songs on “Pale Summer” are a good introduction to our sound. We recorded the EP during a weekend at Jeff from Swoon’s house and the process was relatively straight-forward. I think we discovered that for us, the recording process is almost like a live performance; we don’t tweak too much or change too much. Although we did obsess over some of the edits afterwards.

Do you have any recorded material that will be featured on a future release or anywhere else?

– Being included on volume 5 of the Station Record Club was great, and we are definitely open to being featured on other compilations in the future. As of now, we have no specific plans.

Thanks! What are you going to do in the near future after this release?

– We have a string of shows coming up in the Seattle area, as well as a music festival at a university in British Columbia in early April. We’re constantly working on new material, so we just want to keep on performing, keep on recording, and eventually, we would love to do a mini west coast tour – especially California! Hopefully that isn’t too far off.


Recension: Sänkt – Kaos i skallen

3949450005-1Det märks att man har blivit Sänkt, för de avspeglar den tristessfyllda tillvaron som mången punkband hade och fortfarande har. Man borde kanske kalla det för tristesspunk, fast egentligen är de olika delarna lika mycket hardcore som punk. Hur som helst märks det i den första låten “Kaos i skallen” att detta inte direkt är några amatörer. Nog för att de svänger runt med thrash och liknande, men de gör det på ett någorlunda bra sätt åtminstone. Riffen flyger likt cirkusvolter, trummorna slås i sank och sångaren sjunger om den ultimata tristessen. Allmän misär verkar vara temat, men det är det å andra sidan för en hel del andra band. Trots att detta tillvägagångssätt börjar kännas väldigt trött, så är det en energifylld kaskad av hardcoresmällar som når skallen. Aldrig känns det trött på det sättet, det känns snarare upplyftande, och man kan andas igen. Denna låten andas hardcore, men blandar gärna in en del nostalgipunk rakt i smeten. Bra det, för annars hade refrängen varit ännu tråkigare än om det varit hardcore som kör i femhundraåttio på vägen. Eftersom att konkreta, tunga och hårda basslingor är någonting som känns övertygande, så förhöjs ljudlandskapet utav att alla instrument hörs och att ingenting överröstar vartannat. Nåja, basen kanske drunknar lite, men det får man räkna med.

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Some questions for Glimpse Trio!


Glimpse Trio is an experimental rock band from San Leandro, California. In other words, it’s another American band. They’ve been around since 2009 and have been at the forefront of the experimental music-scene in Bay Area. Up to now, they’ve released two full-lengths and have just finalized their third full-length, which feature an all-star setting when it comes to people whom have helped out to produce the album. They’re a trio consisting of Mike Sopko (Guitar/Vocals), Hamir  Atwal (Drums) and Chris Lopes (Bass). So, as I normally do with these questions, or this feature – I ask some questions to the band. This time around, Mike Atwal from the band answered my questions, ranging from the bands history to their new album. Feel free, scroll down and enjoy!

Since you’ve been at the forefront of the Bay Area’s experimental music scene for some time, I was wondering – what is Glimpse Trio’s perception of the whole meaning of “experimental”?

– The bay area has a tight knit group of improvisers ranging from free-jazz to noise rock. Mike and I came from this type of “experimental” background and decided to fuse our influences from the past which included rock, free-jazz, with folky songs and lyrics, not to mention an emphasis on improvisation.  We started “experimenting” and jamming in the garage for the last 3 years to come out with all this material.

When it comes to the band at hand, you’ve named yourselves “Glimpse Trio”. As you started out a couple of years ago, what was the catalyst that got you into experimental rock as a whole, as this trio?

– I was a big fan of free-jazz like Ornette Coleman, and Don Cherry. I also started getting into modern day experimental rock bands such as Battles, Don Caballero and the Nels Cline Singers. I felt that Glimpse Trio was a way to fuse improvising and rock all in one. Our friend Chris Lopes (bass) plays bass with us.  Chris has played with Mike Patton’s Mondo Cane and Jeff Parker’s Trio (Tortoise).

You’ve currently finalized your third full-length album. This time around, you’ve got Oz Fritz (Tom Waits/Primus) that mixed your album and Doug Sax (Rolling Stones/Pink Floyd/The Who) whom mastered it. How was it possible to get these people on board with your album and how did it go by until it was finished?

– It was funny, I called up Oz last summer and ask if he was interested in working with us. I was a big fan of his work and was intimidated to call him, but I decided to suck it up and ask. He wanted to take a listen to the music first so we mailed him a sampler CD of material that we have worked on for the last couple of years and he took interest in working with us. Oz has worked with all sorts of musicians ranging from Ornette Coleman, Buckethead to Trey Anatasio and Stewart Copeland. It was an amazing experience working with him and he brought out all sorts of sounds from our recordings that we never knew existed!

Oz recommended his friend Doug Sax to master the album, and that really took the record to another level. Mastering an album can make or break the record, and Doug really put in a lot of work to make it sound great. Mike and I are very fortunate working with Doug and Oz, we felt like they put their two cents into making this album

After you’ve gotten out your album, you plan on going out for a tour in April/May. Which cities are you touring?

– Mike and I play also play as a duo on the road called “Glimpse Duo.” Our next tour will feature this format, and we are excited to be playing in this format as well, this all falls into the Glimpse Trio umbrella. We will be playing all over the northwest.  (California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado). We have made some good friends along the way on the road, and are excited to get back out there and play for some folks!


Premiere: PTTRNS – Strong Talk

That’s right, check these boys out as they form a unique venture into eletronica meets disco. Right now, they’ve made a music-video for the song “Strong Talk” which will be featured on their forthcoming album “Body Pressure” – which will be released by Altin & Village Mine on the 12th of April. As the funkiness of the sound drips into your consciousness, feel how your body grooves and moves to the beat. This colorful combination of different electronica, that is PTTRNS is courtesy of Benjamin Riedl, Daniel Mertens, Hendrik Frese and Patrick Hohlweck from Cologne/Bielefeld. The video itself was directed and edited by A. Hubertus and filmed by M. Spindler. You can listen to the song itself per audio below, and also download it for free. This will not be the last that you will hear from them on Invisible Guy – so stay tuned!

Curxes release new song!


As they’re one of my shady favorites, that I haven’t heard from Curxes since last time, they decided to release a completely new song titled “Further Still“. They’re back once again, better than ever. Who would’ve even thought that it couldn’t be anything else then that? Nobody. Although they might’ve strayed away from their darker elements, swayed into the wondrous and elegant melodious genre they themselves call “blitz-pop“. I’ll have to figure out what it is, but I’m listening to a totally new wonder and they’ve matured a lot. Instead of being insidious, shady and dark at the core – they metamorphosed into something even greater and higher. My spiritual cramp is suddenly healed and I feel like this could be the beginning of something totally new. I love what I hear and I will consider them the progenitors of that particular genre. Sweet, angelic and worthy of your time. You can listen to it down below and also download it for free.