Postlight: Various Artists – 55mm²


This time, it isn’t the usual suspect. Now it’s Germany, who’s at it once more. It’s a compilation that goes by the name of 55mm². Outliving the shared thoughts of post-rock, doom and drone. Conquering one genre after another, with different bands that have never been whispered in my ear. In a state of somnambulism, the doomed king perceives his throne – as the smoky tower of haze. There are not only these genres, as there’s also a fiery ambient sound of calmness that slips into our hemisphere. A promise of art and music, a visceral promise of post-rock musicality. The bands featured on this release are: Sundowning, Blackwvs, Fitzcarraldo, [ B O L T ], Orange Swan, Colaris, Utopia:Banished, Dyxz.Rndr, N and The Observatory. So, for this to work, you’ll need to praise the 55mm² Arts & Music festival. It is they, whom have released this compilation with the bands that will be playing at that particular festival. Located in AZ Mülheim, going off on the 3rd to 4th May this year.

Spotlight: Theatre Royal – Three Ships EP


Spotlight returns to its former glory, as we float beyond the time and space continuum. As the people glare at us, we present to you Theatre Royal, an fully equipped British adventure from Rochester. Wrought from the same shades as us, brought to justice within a mural indie context. But maybe not to that full extent, as the psychedelic pop vibes of yesteryear plague us once again. Idealizing, a world with emotionalism, outbursts of concrete emotion. With wonderful voices, contextualized instrumentation and a folky vibe to the overall potpourri of influences. When the boat leaves our sacred shores, we shall go out to sea and tame the beasts. Conjugating the extremities of everyday life, spanning through landscapes far and wide – packed into a beholder for the people to observe. Theatre Royal show their teeth, but at the same time contain themselves – because they’ve got a story to tell us. Stories that are brought upon with the sincerity and normalized energetic posture that is sorely lacking in some areas of music. The four tracks featured on their EP are “Three Ships (disappear here)“, “Learning How To Be Idle“, “Orchard Song (Sun Studio demo)” and “(Just Like) A Sunny Day In June“, released by themselves. Feel free to listen to it down below.