Recension: Sänkt – Kaos i skallen

3949450005-1Det märks att man har blivit Sänkt, för de avspeglar den tristessfyllda tillvaron som mången punkband hade och fortfarande har. Man borde kanske kalla det för tristesspunk, fast egentligen är de olika delarna lika mycket hardcore som punk. Hur som helst märks det i den första låten “Kaos i skallen” att detta inte direkt är några amatörer. Nog för att de svänger runt med thrash och liknande, men de gör det på ett någorlunda bra sätt åtminstone. Riffen flyger likt cirkusvolter, trummorna slås i sank och sångaren sjunger om den ultimata tristessen. Allmän misär verkar vara temat, men det är det å andra sidan för en hel del andra band. Trots att detta tillvägagångssätt börjar kännas väldigt trött, så är det en energifylld kaskad av hardcoresmällar som når skallen. Aldrig känns det trött på det sättet, det känns snarare upplyftande, och man kan andas igen. Denna låten andas hardcore, men blandar gärna in en del nostalgipunk rakt i smeten. Bra det, för annars hade refrängen varit ännu tråkigare än om det varit hardcore som kör i femhundraåttio på vägen. Eftersom att konkreta, tunga och hårda basslingor är någonting som känns övertygande, så förhöjs ljudlandskapet utav att alla instrument hörs och att ingenting överröstar vartannat. Nåja, basen kanske drunknar lite, men det får man räkna med.

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Some questions for Glimpse Trio!


Glimpse Trio is an experimental rock band from San Leandro, California. In other words, it’s another American band. They’ve been around since 2009 and have been at the forefront of the experimental music-scene in Bay Area. Up to now, they’ve released two full-lengths and have just finalized their third full-length, which feature an all-star setting when it comes to people whom have helped out to produce the album. They’re a trio consisting of Mike Sopko (Guitar/Vocals), Hamir  Atwal (Drums) and Chris Lopes (Bass). So, as I normally do with these questions, or this feature – I ask some questions to the band. This time around, Mike Atwal from the band answered my questions, ranging from the bands history to their new album. Feel free, scroll down and enjoy!

Since you’ve been at the forefront of the Bay Area’s experimental music scene for some time, I was wondering – what is Glimpse Trio’s perception of the whole meaning of “experimental”?

– The bay area has a tight knit group of improvisers ranging from free-jazz to noise rock. Mike and I came from this type of “experimental” background and decided to fuse our influences from the past which included rock, free-jazz, with folky songs and lyrics, not to mention an emphasis on improvisation.  We started “experimenting” and jamming in the garage for the last 3 years to come out with all this material.

When it comes to the band at hand, you’ve named yourselves “Glimpse Trio”. As you started out a couple of years ago, what was the catalyst that got you into experimental rock as a whole, as this trio?

– I was a big fan of free-jazz like Ornette Coleman, and Don Cherry. I also started getting into modern day experimental rock bands such as Battles, Don Caballero and the Nels Cline Singers. I felt that Glimpse Trio was a way to fuse improvising and rock all in one. Our friend Chris Lopes (bass) plays bass with us.  Chris has played with Mike Patton’s Mondo Cane and Jeff Parker’s Trio (Tortoise).

You’ve currently finalized your third full-length album. This time around, you’ve got Oz Fritz (Tom Waits/Primus) that mixed your album and Doug Sax (Rolling Stones/Pink Floyd/The Who) whom mastered it. How was it possible to get these people on board with your album and how did it go by until it was finished?

– It was funny, I called up Oz last summer and ask if he was interested in working with us. I was a big fan of his work and was intimidated to call him, but I decided to suck it up and ask. He wanted to take a listen to the music first so we mailed him a sampler CD of material that we have worked on for the last couple of years and he took interest in working with us. Oz has worked with all sorts of musicians ranging from Ornette Coleman, Buckethead to Trey Anatasio and Stewart Copeland. It was an amazing experience working with him and he brought out all sorts of sounds from our recordings that we never knew existed!

Oz recommended his friend Doug Sax to master the album, and that really took the record to another level. Mastering an album can make or break the record, and Doug really put in a lot of work to make it sound great. Mike and I are very fortunate working with Doug and Oz, we felt like they put their two cents into making this album

After you’ve gotten out your album, you plan on going out for a tour in April/May. Which cities are you touring?

– Mike and I play also play as a duo on the road called “Glimpse Duo.” Our next tour will feature this format, and we are excited to be playing in this format as well, this all falls into the Glimpse Trio umbrella. We will be playing all over the northwest.  (California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado). We have made some good friends along the way on the road, and are excited to get back out there and play for some folks!


Premiere: PTTRNS – Strong Talk

That’s right, check these boys out as they form a unique venture into eletronica meets disco. Right now, they’ve made a music-video for the song “Strong Talk” which will be featured on their forthcoming album “Body Pressure” – which will be released by Altin & Village Mine on the 12th of April. As the funkiness of the sound drips into your consciousness, feel how your body grooves and moves to the beat. This colorful combination of different electronica, that is PTTRNS is courtesy of Benjamin Riedl, Daniel Mertens, Hendrik Frese and Patrick Hohlweck from Cologne/Bielefeld. The video itself was directed and edited by A. Hubertus and filmed by M. Spindler. You can listen to the song itself per audio below, and also download it for free. This will not be the last that you will hear from them on Invisible Guy – so stay tuned!

Curxes release new song!


As they’re one of my shady favorites, that I haven’t heard from Curxes since last time, they decided to release a completely new song titled “Further Still“. They’re back once again, better than ever. Who would’ve even thought that it couldn’t be anything else then that? Nobody. Although they might’ve strayed away from their darker elements, swayed into the wondrous and elegant melodious genre they themselves call “blitz-pop“. I’ll have to figure out what it is, but I’m listening to a totally new wonder and they’ve matured a lot. Instead of being insidious, shady and dark at the core – they metamorphosed into something even greater and higher. My spiritual cramp is suddenly healed and I feel like this could be the beginning of something totally new. I love what I hear and I will consider them the progenitors of that particular genre. Sweet, angelic and worthy of your time. You can listen to it down below and also download it for free.

Exclusive Stream: ‹‹ʘ›› – I’m Not Done (feat. Nijah)


Maybe you’d like a little bit of scaled experimental, or an avant-garde sense of perception. If you’re a fan of Karin Dreijers solo-project Fever Ray, you might be engulfed by the concrete ambition of re-discovering them in a different sense. The sound-scape is ambiguous in one sense, under produced in another. As ‹‹ʘ››, also known by the Japanese name of Kurogokegum (meaning ‘Black Widow’) – is the moniker of polish-born Nigel Kills. Originally, his music was intended to be inaugurated in the now more fashionable witch house genre, which arrived in late 2008 and early 2009. His outfit is also part of never being seen, never being heard and to mask himself from the eye of the public.

Since this has been the case for a long time, I decided to contact him and write about his music. Though this wasn’t only the case, two songs from his forthcoming acoustic mini-album; “The Wolf: Acoustic Sessions” – will be released on Invisible Guy. Today you’ll get the opportunity to listen to the song “I’m Not Done (feat. Nijah)“, which is an even more scaled cover, of another Fever Ray song called “I’m Not Done“. This is the last song being premiered and you now have an opportunity to stream it, exclusively, here at Invisible Guy.

Some questions for The Shones!


The Shones is a band that has been active for a very long time. They play something in between surf punk, garage punk, blues rock and good ol’ rock’n’roll. However, sometime in 2012 they decided to re-locate from Madison, Wisconsin to Boston, MA. It wasn’t a hasty judgement, because they wanted to change their style around totally and also their music. So, they arrived for real in 2013 when they released their debut-EP titled “The Shones EP“. Since this was of interest for the Invisible Guy, he began to investigate it further. After writing some lines about their newly released EP, he wanted to ask some questions. So, Teddy Matthews, whom is the drummer and back-up vocalist in the band – answered these questions in his own manner. Have fun!

You’ve been active as a band for a very long time, but suddenly decided to leave your own area in 2012 for Boston. The reason for this was to re-invent your own sound and style. But what happened from the later years that got you going to Boston?

– Yeah, we have been playing together since 6th grade, and during our last year of high school we decided that we wanted to take at least a year to work on music. We did not want to stay in Madison, WI because we wanted a change of pace as well as a broader music scene to be a part of. We decided we wanted to go to the east coast because the cities are all much closer together than the west coast, and we chose Allston because we had heard that there was a very active underground scene here. People always ask us why we did not move to New York, but I think that Boston was a great choice because the scene here is very collaborative and open.

Since you’re now in Boston since September of last year, you’ve been recording stuff and released an EP titled “The Shones EP”. Which is a long trip from 2012-2013, when it was released. Why did it take so long to put it out?

– When we moved here we wanted to start fresh and see how changing our surroundings would affect our sound. So when we got here we began writing and practicing. At that point we knew we wanted to release a proper record at some point but did not know whether we could do a decent job on our own or if we should pay for studio time. Once we had a bunch of material written and we had been practicing and performing it, we decided to use a couple of drum mics that we had lying around to record some practices and see how it sounded. Even just using four mics for everything and doing it live sounded pretty good so our bassist Alex, who has a background in producing hip hop and electronic, decided to try and teach himself how to record, mix, and master. After several practice recordings we decided to record the final product, which was all pretty time consuming considering we were learning as we went.

The aesthetics of the EP seems to be a little bit of everything. When I saw it, I thought of America back in the 50’s or 60’s, including some of the more tobacco-influenced stuff. Who made the artwork and what do you make of your own aesthetics?

– Our good friend Miles Jackson is an incredible artist who works out of Chicago but does work all around the country. We came to him and asked if he’d like to work with us and he was more than down so we threw him some ideas that he ran with. As we reinvent ourselves after high school, there is much more of a 1960’s/surf undertone to our music. At the same time it isn’t completely beachy or washed out, so we like to call it Northern Surf. For example, I like to listen to the band Beach House in the summer but it also fits really well in a snowy winter wonderland type scene. We don’t sound like Beach House but I think our music fits the same way.

Do you have any other material that you’re hoping to get released any time soon?

– We have a lot of material already started and it all is cohesive in its sound, so a second album will be underway very soon and the process should be quicker now that we know what we are doing in terms of recording. We also came up on a couple more mics so the next album should be even better for several reasons.

Thank you for answering these questions! What’s happening in the near future for you as a band?

– Right now, we are working on booking shows for the spring and beginning plans for a tour in august. We are conceptualizing a video for one of the songs off of the album, and we should have some merchandize soon too.