Recension: Cryme – Mekonium (C23)

872637675-1Cryme är primitiv, renodlad och analog smärta, som känns ända in i benmärgen. Åtminstone om man kombinerar denna smärta med äldre teknik, som rullbandspelare och trummaskiner. Det märks att samarbetet är mellan Daniel Fagerström (Skull Defekts/Optic Nest/osv.) och Mattias Gustafsson (Altar of Flies/Jam Sessions/osv.). Rent konkret så kan den första låten “Diagonal Lines” sättas i samma fack som; experimentell synth-pop möter destruktiv industrial. Dock så finns där någonting utöver det, men som inte går att kategorisera på samma vis. Känslan av den analoga primitivismen som sköljer rakt in i hjärnbalken, är brutal i sitt sätt, men samtidigt så känns det som att den inte kommer att tillfoga någon smärta. En slags naivistisk synvinkel, som levereras likt en plasthammare på känsliga nerver. Objektet, i detta fallet Cryme, känner sig manad att orsaka så mycket skada som möjligt. Problemet är att den inte är fysiskt, utan snarare psykisk. Den smärta som uppkommer är den förbarmande känslan av hur den mest narcissistiska av människor, tror att den är något utöver vad dess fysiska uppenbarelse. Således blir det knappast någon smärta. Däremot blir det en hel del krossande beats, överexperimentell atmosfär och sällsynta ljud. Blandat med lo-fi instrumentation som med sin fulla sinnesnärvaro, i symbios med musikerna, skär likt en knivegg mot de arytmiska utläggningarna som presenteras – sinsemellan varandra.

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Newlight: Tangerine – Pale Summer


With a fresh sound, delicate funkiness and appreciation for a lineage that stretches far and wide – Tangerine respect their roots, as they throw a new-wave fit. I was getting tired of every new-wave band that I would find. Not only because they weren’t technically new-wave, they also did not have an inspiring sound. But this was about to change, as I found Tangerine. Their newly released album “Pale Summer” on Swoon Records settles the score for me. As I find the 80’s new-wave loveable, I also like the renewed approach and baseline-heavy sound. Some of the rhythm is funky as hell, the lyrics sound relevant and the singer is top-notch in this sound-scape. Nothing feels malplaced, everyone has their place and their ambition can be heard throughout. Find it over at bandcamp, but stream and listen to it down below.

Exclusive Stream: ‹‹ʘ›› – When I Grow Up (feat. The Kid’s Corpses)


Maybe you’d like a little bit of scaled experimental, or an avant-garde sense of perception. If you’re a fan of Karin Dreijers solo-project Fever Ray, you might be engulfed by the concrete ambition of re-discovering them in a different sense. The sound-scape is ambiguous in one sense, under produced in another. As ‹‹ʘ››, also known by the Japanese name of Kurogokegum (meaning ‘Black Widow’) – is the moniker of polish-born Nigel Kills. Originally, his music was intended to be inagurated in the now more fashionable witch house genre, which arrived in late 2008 and early 2009. His outfit is also part of never being seen, never being heard and to mask himself from the eye of the public.

Since this has been the case for a long time, I decided to contact him and write about his music. Though this wasn’t only the case, two songs from his forthcoming acoustic mini-album; “The Wolf: Acoustic Sessions” – will be released on Invisible Guy. Today you’ll get the opportunity to listen to the song “When I Grow Up (feat. The Kid’s Corpses)“, which is a somnambulist showcase, and cover, of the Fever Ray song “When I Grow Up“. Another opportunity and another song will be premiered tomorrow, but for today, you can listen to that track down below.

Surflight: The Shones – The Shones EP


Oh, what a perfect blend. These sincere patrons from Boston blend punk, blues, rock’n’roll, garage and surf together, which elevates into a fantastical emotional outburst. Coloring the world with their aesthetics, freely floating away in the summer breeze as the wind takes a hold of them. Yet another sign that Spring is here and that Summer is coming, as this will probably be the tune of these seasons entry into our lives once again. Let the catchiness of their songs reap what it sows, let them into your world as you gracefully swing your feet to the melodic and rhythmic content. The Shones is Paul Arbaje, Henry Stoehr, Franciscus Pobar Lay, Alex Leeds and Chevy Mathews. Also, this is more than a story about changing seasons, emotional outbursts and good music in general – it’s a story about a re-located band and sound. Listen to their newly released debut-EP down below.