Whatlight: Midnight Smack – Feline Sleepwear


Think of the good old days, with a choir of singers humming melodies, breaking out in a totally wild chorus. Now, chop it out and sort out the blocks within the song – do also add a huge slab of electronica. You’ve got it covered, but you’d also have to include some hip-hop/trip-hop beats and you’re safe. Hip-hop must be the last genre I would ever feature on this blog, but this sounds pretty original. If you can last a glitchy and chopped out singing sample, covered by bloated beats and engineered in a good way – you’ll outlive Midnight Smack. This is certainly weird, at so many levels, but you simply can’t ignore it. When it comes to the beats, they’re layered perfectly and are rhythmical to the fullest. Also, the singing is perfectly fashionable and a homage to all the great singers collectives of yesteryear. At least that’s how I think of it when I listen, but I could be wrong. Check it out and listen to it down below.

Exclusive Stream: Alavux – Time Mode C


This time around we’re venturing east, to Eastern Europe for a taste of experimental electro. The producer Goran Alavux leaves us longing for even more fascinating electro, as he takes us on a trip from down below in the boiling casket of unhinged beats, through the gnarly swamps of bass music, connected with a line through techno. Seemingly making the body groove on command, as the beats take their first swing. Not to forget, the unconventional approach to electro as a whole. Re-defining what is and defining what’s in your face, as the hard-hitting and churned beats of modern day (real) electro, is tuned into the fitting slot of a fast-paced concoction of the best influences. Invisible Guy gives you an exclusive streaming of one track from his coming album “Phutura“, which will be released on the 26th of March as a CD-r for five euros. Turn up your headphones, start your stereo and listen to the track “Time Mode C” here, exclusively.

Presenting: Variegated Heart live-sessions part 1 of 3!

Variegated Heart is a live-sessions of performances conducted by the band THIN HYMNS. This is the first part of three, so you’ll get more where that came from. They’re a psychedelic pop-induced phenomenon based in Chicago, that blend genres from afar and wide. Currently in the process of releasing their coming album, “Black Waters“, they also performed live in their home-studio at Hotel Earth in Chicago, Illinois. Their EP will be released by Sanzimat International, on the 9th of April. You’ll hear more of them in the next couple of days, but take your time and listen to the wonders that be. Pop can be so much more then the static and linear approach, this is something in between ambient, psychedelia, folk, neo-classical and underproduced but carefully oriented pop-twists with a melodic body. As you’ll find out, so watch their live-show here on Invisible Guy as you go about your day. Do also listen to their one track “All Around You” available at bandcamp.