Synthlight: Musique Le Pop – Turn To Sand


Once again, the Norwegians know where it’s at. It was a long time ago since I heard some of this more enchanting synth-pop. Musique Le Pop is the name of the group, consisting of the members Christoffer Schou, Jon Kristian Furuheim and Elisabeth Thorsen. As they put out their open but clandestine, catchy and vibrant music from the depths of their emotional hearts. Channeling the undercurrents of delightful pop, catching the drift with synthesizers and matching it with disco-vibes. Impulsiveness have never felt better, as you throw yourself into their world of joy. Another dimension that is interesting, is how they perfectly fit the indie pop in the middle of the catchy drives of arpeggio shards. Also, the sincerity of the music stands on its own pedestal. Listen to this gorgeousness below, in the shape of a single.

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