Exclusive Stream: Borgen vs. Center of the Universe – Volume Knob


What could possibly happen, if two of the greater and more productive independent artists from Norway meet? The answer is not so simple, it would require a lot of categorizing. As they part from skwee, insert a little bit of eletronica and a big part of beats here and there. This joint operation of Borgen and Center of the Universe mixes two distinctive minds, with experimentalism on one hand and the acoustic blend on the other hand. Fit it together within the frame of both electronica itself and a little bit of skwee on the edges – and you’ve got your perfect collaboration! Their 7¨ vinyl will be released on Metronomicon Audio on the 8th of April.

For the fans and everyone interested in their music, I can tell you that Invisible Guy in collaboration with Metronomicon Audio – are going to premiere a track from the coming four-tracked 7¨. It’s the song “Volume Knob” that you now have a possibility to listen to and stream freely here on the blog. Tune in down below, I promise that you will not be disappointed.

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