Review: Ēv of Isis – Dark Ambition (C17)

2636680941-1Suggestive, ethereal and sublime. In these times. Darkwave from the yonder, integrated into and from an heretical perspective. This collaboration between Sweden’s Josefin Hinders (Forest) and San Diego’s Amanda Schoepflin (Cathedral X) is an entirely new state of mind. With the first track “Mezzy (Intro)“, the primitive and carnal energies of both genres cloud the proper judgement. Some of it seems to be unhindered, cloaked and brutal at a first listen – but after a while the tears of joy stream down each cheek. It might not be the rightful inheritor of newly emerged dark-wave, but it has its different energies, suggestive rhythms and utterly experimental edge – to show off. At times it simply feels too basic and untempered to listen to. Simplicity blended with experimentalism doesn’t go all that well, hand in hand. Which is what can be thought about this song too. Sure, there are openings of ethereal mystery and hints of structured melodies, with undercurrents of pure darkness.

Sometimes, it’s just too much. You keep coming back to a point of no return, where the blandness is simply too much. However, the thing that saves them from galloping out totally, is the wide range of instrumentals that are being utilized. In a different setting, things can be completely turned around. Such as the song “Trudging“, which with its almost tribal instrumentation, pick up and mold together – the forgettable shards of Ēv of Isis. In an attempt that is successful, as the vocals in the song is environmentally attached. Continually pumping out the message they want conceived, stomping on the continual monotony that is the core. Layers upon layers, with ethereal might, are simply hammered into your system. There’s something occult about it, the way the dark-wave is shown into the path its never stepped upon, by the kinder; more mysterious ethereal elements. Surrealism is a factor when you’ve entered their realm, as the entrenched dreams become nightmares. If you aren’t already sucked in, like a scaredy cat, you’ll have to move quickly.

It feels like they’re out to get you somehow and you wouldn’t even know when their real treatment hits you. As the stormy landscape of siphoned life is passing by, the undercurrents of synthesizers with glimmering crescendos kick off the pretensions. Inverse the roles within yourself, pass a judgement and hit the bricks. For the next song “Unleased (M0an)” is even more relentless. The hazy fog of your inner self is still portrayed as the overlapping field of motion. But this time, the influences of industrial reek through the concrete jungle and cement itself throughout your system. It might be cold and calculated, but it doesn’t lack the sincerity of the employed genres. Energies cannot be felt through the traditional sense, but rather in an entangled state. They compromise some of the raw energy, to make the mysterious core of their plan work even better. Concentrating even more on the synchronized industrial-sounding, metal hitting metal – within an uncompromising rhythmic delay that sends the pendulum into full swing.

Feel even more, as the wind takes up speed and enters “(Na0m) Dehsaelnu Devirped“. As if the impact of their music was reversed, into a maelstrom of different sounds and feelings. Conveying the deepest thoughts and imagination of the creators themselves. Not the most enticing song when it comes to the content, but when it comes to the more emotional side of things – they have surely placed everything in a greater perspective. Swooping engines, smeared synthesizers and terrifying background noise. It might not be monotonous at heart, but the grandiose delivery contains some of it. Sweeping through your mind, erasing every thought process and cutting up the nerves. No more thinking, no more interaction and even less feelings. There’s a boldness to it, that takes the price, as the cold world simply shuts you off. Gradually increasing the power of the sound, fitting the landscape to the externalized energy that is pumping through your speakers. It feels like there’s some kind of aura. Even though the song isn’t as astonishing as what we’ve heard so far, it goes to great lengths to increase the perceptual vision through hearing.

Blood boiling, hearts pumping and your system is turned on once again. With the song “Gnigdurt“, their sound is even more expressive. They still might have the mysterious and ethereal vein, but it becomes even clearer this time around. An increased suspicion, elevated sounds and with horrific tendencies to float out into an ambient environment. Visually, it’s a terrifying experiment, pumping pure blood into, testing the body out. Experimentation with mutation, metamorphosed sounds of sincere minimalism. Imagine yourself trying to find your way out of a lab. As you’re the test-bunny of the facility. Ēv of Isis seem to have picked up on the warmth and broadened perspective of sound. Including even more tempting installations, raging corrosion and mysterious inceptions of occult vibrancy. There’s a lot of things that can be positive when you listen through it, even though you only see paranoia around the nearest corner. Sometimes it can get a little bit boring, bland and maybe too experimental at times. It’s a weird combination, but that’s how it is. At least they’ve continually made progress throughout, changed their skin a few times and made blood boil.

Now, the last track of the album is “(Ortni) Yzzem“. Which catches the drift that should’ve been caught some tracks ago. The reversed voices, delayed continuum and almost robotic synthesis is completely out of the realms of the human mind. It maps out its own roads, takes its own tasks and spouts out its own demented truth. As it is needed to be said again, the occult vibes that you get from this is simply wicked. Something that needs to be accredited is their experimental pathway, which have opened the reviewer’s ears a little bit more. You cannot put it down on the basis of lacking originality, because it simply passes off the ball into a whole other courtyard. Dark-wave like it hasn’t been conjured before and ethereal where people haven’t dared to put it. When it comes to the album as a whole, it might not be that intriguing. It falls short in some departments, but the sheer originality of it is what keeps you listening to it. No rating system could judge this release, but it passes off with a kick in the back. For everyone that’s even remotely interested in originality and experimentation, this is your card – play it well.

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