Postlight: とばり – プラヌラ


Since I’ve been listening to a lot of music lately, some of the best post-rock seems to be coming out of Asia. This time, it’s Japan, last time it was South Korea. Well, the band とばり (no idea what that means), have released an album titled “プラヌラ”, that is simply astonishing. Blending some folk vibes with post-rock and post-hardcore. Yes, you’ll also get some acoustic music in the mix, too. Sneak in some shoegaze and your formula will be complete. It seems like the folk rock music is a strong contributor to their sound, at least sometimes. Everything from the rhythm, to the instrumentation, is adequate and filled with emotions. Transpiring from the lower ground, reaching all the way up to the sky. Consequently removing any hindrance from going out in space. But we’re not there yet. Listen to their album down below.

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