Folklight: Ergo – Mountaineering


Norway is on the run again. No, they’re not running, they’re actually Mountaineering. The multi-instrumentalist Ergo presented his latest album (from 2009), which goes by the name of “Mountaineering“, on the small Norwegian collective/label Metronomicon Audio. I’m not that fond of music that is based around a singer and his instrumentation, but this was something special. First time I listened to this album, made me realize how much potential this guy actually has. From the top of the mountain, down to the cabins on the ground – this is some freakish, but at the same time volatile, music. Channeling the fluidity of experimentalism, folk and indie. If you have time on your hands and enjoy interesting music, this is probably something for you. Make your way up the mountain, sit down with some hot chocolate and find the enjoyability in Ergo.

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