Electronicalight: Deviant Systems – CarrierWave EP


Finally, something I really can adhere to that comes from Sweden and electronica. The sweet and almost sensual ambient meets electronica, courtesy of Deviant System, focuses on a twirling environment filled with emotions. Outdrawn melodies, glimmering landscapes of enjoyable sullen beats and tinkered precision. Catching the drift, in adherence to clipped and glitching samples. As if that wasn’t enough, they might’ve coined a new word of a genre that I’ve never heard of, called “ambstep“. I guess it’s properly described, since the ambient mixed with some dub, really makes the nuances more bright and susceptible. When it comes to what part of Sweden they’re from, it becomes even clearer what their motives might be. They’re from Gothenburg, which is a city in which pop was pioneered. Swiftly changing it into more than pop, making it a city where many things have been brewing. Even though the geographical location might affect a little bit, it’s clear that the city have been sporting a lot of great acts lately and historically.

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