Premiere: Urban Homes – Centres


Urban Homes is much more than the name entices you to believe. Besides it being the latest release on Altin Village & Mine, it’s also a hefty bag of non-electronic music meets electronic. Imagine yourself standing on a top of a mountain, hearing this piece of music. I’ll promise you that you’d be stunned. It’s music that you should listen to when you’re outside, because it’s so spacey and grandiose that you’d loose yourself to the fever of dancing in a confined space if you’d listen to it in your tiny room. It’s everything you’d always want, taking influences from Balearic pop, dub, kraut rock and disco – with many other genres not named. The rhythmic monster that forces your body to move itself is stunning in its own setting. With that said, this five-tracked release has everything in between what you’d consider to be glorious. Simply, the astonishing atmosphere of the songs are breathing in their own right, as they sweep through the landscape on a journey to please your musical tastes. Top-notch musicality, which could be said pleases everyone that hasn’t considered to have a peek into their world yet. Delve into the ocean of things, find Urban Homes and start dancing along all the way through the influence of rhythmical movement, atmospheric delight and considerable melodies. It was released on the 15th of March but is premiering here in Sweden a little bit later, because we like to keep it like that. You can buy it if you like it, over at the Altin Village & Mine shop either as a CD or LP for 10 euros.

Prelight: The Pocket Rockets – Golden Gloves 1902 EP


The Pocket Rockets are a peculiar band. Not like everyone else, but at the same time lending their hand out to everyone. Their practical blend of new-wave, post-punk and indie rock come across as melodic and emotional. When you’re having your first taste, you’re hooked by each beat and as the uncanny sound-scape draws you in. It’s gritty and unbelieving, but still manages to transgress beyond those borders. As far as you go into it yourself, you’ll find a companion with their music as their guide you through it. There’s also somewhat of a 90’s vibe that lines itself up against the wall and watches you as you proceed through. Every song adds up in its own regard, lending some from our indie pop superheroes The Radio Dept., without them knowing it. I would say that they’re like the stepbrother of that band, retaking Americana each step of the way, but influencing you to take that trip with them. It’s also the perfect music to listen to if you’ve been having a hard time, because they’re understanding to the core. Music for lively people with lifelessness, a hint of hopefulness – in an (un)living world. The Pocket Rockets are Ralph Blanco, Lyndon Millon and Chris Magallon.