Review: Vandal X – God Knows

77075_10151176287253883_2050433331_nVehemently outrageous hardcore, mixed with noise, rock’n’roll, psychedelia – and have some tendencies to drone. Compromised by a duo that could’ve been a whole orchestra, for all that you folks care. Günther Liket and Bart Timmermans are tiling up the world throughout a maniacally combination of wickedness. The first track which is also the title-track, “God Knows“, is a rattling piece of noisiness. Focusing on the wide sphere of combining spontaneous, no-wave-ish vocals with the stop-and-go technique of a rather monotonous but rhythmic arsenal of guitars, baselines, figurative drums – with spontaneous outbursts of playful and angered vocals. Nothing is holy when their vile notion of virtual reality is colliding with the place that we call Earth. This formula seems virtually unchanged at a first glance, within the next song “How Sick Is That“, but changes rapidly the more you get into it. Here’s more of the noisy and uncontrollable rock’n’roll you’ve always wished you could master. With atonal messages, spoken with worthiness – Vandal X are the true vandals of the confined space. Getting claustrophobia is easy, as you’re pushed to the edge of a tiny room.

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