Poplight: unmo × mitsugo – ロアレ


Sometimes I can’t really stand pop. But there are limitations to that. For once, pop that I can stand has to be either experimental or Japanese. This time around, it’s Japanese and dreamy. Two combinations that are made to be matched with each other, as the J-pop I’ve heard have always been slightly more dreamy and melodic than everything else. With few exceptions, of course. But this is electronic mixed with pop, which brings out an essence of dream-pop and a different edge to it overall. It’s matched beats with pop overtones, that heads out to be in the more classical vein. At least if you consider it from this perspective. So head on, go and listen to their dreamy variation of pop meets electronica. You can listen to it over at their bandcamp or stream it directly on Invisible Guy. It was released today, the 11th of March.

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