Review: Mong Dosus – We Are Ready

553702_496099710412205_506324006_nCrazy psychedelic rock, with groovy punk-vibes. Dissecting each way of an ordinary sound-scape with their bare hands, instrumentation aside, the unconventional yet conventional approach in one, is a 2-in-1 offer. With the first track “We Are Ready“, their sheer humbleness can be felt through the chorus, while at the same time; being unafraid of anything. Proclaiming that: “We’re Mong… Dosus!“. The heavy bricks of perfectly laden psychedelia, crazily offering the best of both the rock’n’roll sphere and the punk outfit they’ve covered themselves in. It’s simple, but at the same time complex. Two worlds collide with a heavy effect, your mind is ready to be swallowed by a synthesizer gone berserk and four guys gone totally mental. As if that isn’t enough, the next song “I want my X back” is introduced with an 8-bit mayhem. The apocalyptic suddenly went out into space, covering two layers of a delusional world. When the galactic emperor meets his earthly counterpart, you can count on the punks to prevail. Heavy, fast and wicked riffs, overwrought havoc in tubes of greasy green matter. A little hint of psychedelia, but more of their quick and merciless punk hysteria. Add to that a laid out Alien singer and sufficient synthesizer, in a smoggy mess of disco balls and lights.

Shifting back to a landscape filled of suspense, with the song “Needs“, nearly coming of as an earthly specimen. The constant riff goes chugging, the drums are loosened but fixated to basically the same pattern, the singer sounds more like a throwback of 60’s-70’s psychedelic rock groove, combined with messy and situational garage-rock. Until everything simply goes out the door, up into space once again. Leaving a space for earthlings to draw a small sigh, stare at the stars and continue with their business at hand. With the song “Delusional“, every riff is so distorted that it basically has its own runway. No longer definable, structureless and with a harder blow to the solar plexus. However, the drums are in a totally different dimension, with a slower tempo than the other instrumentation at hand. Taking you back and forth, through slow and into faster. Other passages that are likeable are the quirky synthesizer-passages, that delve from in between, suddenly changing into a melodic rampage of psychedelic rock’n’roll to the fullest.

WhilstGhost ship” almost comes off as anything else than Mong Dosus, but their quirkiness and psychedelic hemorrhage can still be felt. Slowing things down into a down tempo mess of twangy riffs, flirtatious synthesizers and a no-wave landscape. It’s such a different mind, a different landscape, with a favorite passage with back-up yelling that goes like this: “…Hey! …Hey! …Hey!“. Dripping of drowsiness, taking you into a trance-like state of mind. Taking their mask off even more with the song “Slave boy“. It seems like a continuation of the other song, but with an even more heinous approach to the systematic psychedelia and brutal riffs. Shifting from upbeat to downbeat, metamorphosing the drums, concluding the multiple personalities that the singer displays. Stop, go and continue until you beat your foe. You feel entrapped within an asylum, but in the setting of an apocalyptic storm. Channeling the inner demons, scathing on the surface of a wrecked earth. Perfectly putting a more straight-forward song by the name of “Count the stripes” afterwards. Here we get to know the softer, but still attitude filled version of them. There is more punk and rock’n’roll on a treadmill here, with a melodic but still heavily induced – dipped in psychedelia. A very headbangable piece of music, whereas the steady riffing, mountaineered drumming and energetic singer fill it up with some originality.

Now, I don’t know what the song “Gemini” is, but it seems like an interlude to what’s going to happen. It fills like someone is filling up your body with radioactive waste, whilst the only voice you’re hearing is an old man babbling to himself. Maybe he engineered it all, because this song holds some vague themes. You’d never know, because the song quickly ends. No drums, no singing, just an atmospheric landscape of both nonsense and suspense. Faithfully running with the same theme as before, with upbeat psychedelic rock blended with garage-rock and punk – in the song “Down“. It’s probably one of their more crooked songs on this album so far. The simpleness of it, yet the craziness in the hands of the guitarist, makes the riffing enter a whole other dimension of pain. Delivering the most hurt possible, in the most melodic way possible, as the baseline goes down like a power-line and everything is chaos defined. Playing on the strings of our departure from this earthly happening, apocalyptic destruction and total mess.

Which made them define another vein of their music, in the song “Not your robot” which is more prog-rock from the 70’s meets heavy psychedelia and dissonance. Delivering some of the most memorable lines so far: “I can’t shoot, because I’m not a soldier“. Which is actually the first time you pay a lot of attention to the lyrical content, even though it’s pretty good overall. But something in that line strikes you deep down. Space meets punk, meets psychedelia, takes prog-rock. Well, the galaxy is open for them, welcoming their disillusioned minds with heavy doses of rhythm. The last song “Ola” is more of an atmospheric instrumentalist piece, that strikes a resemblance with one of the earlier songs. However, this one is even more emotional, because everything has slowed down and the heartstrings are being pulled. As an effectual outro, I must say that it’s been a huge experience listening to this album. Every song might not be top-notch, but the sheer fantasy of these musicians is astonishing and staggering at the same times. I would say that it’s the creative mind at its peak. The album itself is great and very enjoyable to listen to, but make sure you embrace for impact, because it’s going to be an utterly apocalyptic and galactic experience.

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