Spotlight: Ruined Machines & Michal Brodka – Celestial Bodies


An amazing project that you need to seek out. The project is masterminded by Ruined Machines and the artwork designer Michal Brodka. It revolves around a 12-month galactic collaboration and trip, which has already gone through The Sun, Mercury, Venus, The Moon, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and is currently at Uranus as of February. The music itself revolves around a post-rock and space-rock take of the universe, alongside with experimental instrumentals and other nice things which will be your partner on the trip. Visually, the experience is intense and the artwork is immense. Musically, its as intense, focusing on the details and abhorring the “non-detailed” pattern of musical experience at large. This is their own mission statement:

The visual artistry of Michal Brodka is paired together with the sound of Ruined Machines to create Celestial Bodies, a year-long series of twelve releases.

Over the next 365 days, twelve otherworldly artistic journeys will take shape through strict monthly production deadlines, with each collaborative result being shared with the world via the Ruined Machines Bandcamp page on the first of every month.

Each month’s final product will artistically embody a specific Celestial Body, beginning with the May 1st release of “The Sun”.

Largely an experiment, the idea behind Celestial Bodies is to see what we can come up with as a unit in a small amount of time. There is no pristine mixing, perfect technique, or completely pre-planned production. A stream of consciousness. We are creating maniacally; we enjoy the final product as if we’re hearing it for the first time. We’re on the journey just as much as everyone else is, and we can’t wait to see where it all leads.

We are next in space.


Celestial Bodies can be downloaded for free at bandcamp. Before you begin your journey, make sure you start with the first one, which is The Sun. After that, you can proceed through the different planets and enjoy your own galactic trip as interpreted by Ruined Machines. If this wasn’t enough, they’ve also compiled the trip (so far) into one single entry. It is unfathomable why they choose to do this for free, as you get high-quality music, artwork and the whole lot for free. I suggest you spend some pennies on this or whatever currency you seem fit. On the different releases, you can also support them by buying an art print of whatever release you see fit.

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