Recension: Tyred Eyes – Ghost EP 7¨

1400435755-1Denna gång är det dags för Tyred Eyes, ett band som förut inte givits någon plats här. Nu är det dock dags för att se vad de går för. Detta släpp påbörjas med låten “Pistols At Dawn“, vilket egentligen känns som ett titelspår som heter duga. Där gitarrerna i unison sjunger ut sitt budskap, tillsammans med sångaren Johanna som låter det höras. Någonstans mittemellan ligger låten, inte på det mest aggressiva sättet men inte heller på det mest passiva. Att ligga i ett mellanläge, medan sångfåglarna skrålar i bakgrunden är sannerligen en väg att gå. Det får även den melodiska nerven i detta garagerockiga verk att stå ut ytterligare. Mest så känns det som om det är något som pysslats ihop i en skitig lokal någonstans, där bandet drömmer om höga skyar och inte djupa dalar. Dock så är det inte tillräckligt åt det aggressiva hållet för den hårdhänte, men det räcker gott och väl som ett mellanting. Nog för att låten har sina starka stunder, där man slungas mellan de olika valen och kvalen, med de intressanta lyrikerna som prånglas ut i ett någorlunda tempo. Det känns som att upplägget kommer igen, om man tänker igenom hur strukturerna förändras. Dock har det sina känslomässiga stunder, där man kan känna hur saker och ting känns hopplösa. Hopplösheten varvas sedan med en ljusgnista som får vara ledbandet genom låten. Med stabila trummor, intressanta vändningar och en helt förstummad lyssning – så blir man bekant med så mycket mer än just musiken. Det är något att ta på, visst, men det finns någonting högre som de har strävat efter. Huruvida detta är en del i planen, kan man omöjligen veta, men andan finns där någonstans mellan gliporna. Det är också rätt ofördelaktigt när låten placerar sig emellan olika måttstockar. Men håller de sig där, fast drar sig ut lite och tittar fram ibland, så kan det låtas göras. En mer än okej insats, som lämnar sina tryck i svärtan.

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Spotlight: Function Operate – Volume II


I stumbled upon this majestic piece of work, released by the label Function Operate. It’s a collectivized form of enjoyment, gathering the bright minds, sorting under different aliases. This ten-track long compilation of different enjoyable genres will take you for a ride through atmospheric cold wave, sincere shoegaze, dark and dampened minimal synth, tar-coated post-punk, or even to the width of magnificent synth-pop. Artists and bands that are featured on it are the following: Koban, Some Ember, Victoriana, The Harrow, Warmline, Claps, Tiers, Pretty Bleak, Ortrotasce and Redredred. It was mastered by Jimmy Derr and the wonderfully minimalistic cover was made by Jude Pierre. For the mere sake of purchasing it, you’ll only have to give 6 dollars for this great compilation. It is limited to 200 C60 cassettes, so you should get yours. Make up your own mind by listening through it down below.

Thee Showcase [#8.4]: Juventud Juché and Gardland!

379909952-1Well, we’re not even done here, so what am I doing? I’m searching far and wide, collecting some of the bands that needs to be showcased. Time for Thee Showcase, this time finding its way to southern latitudes. The Spaniards from Juventud Juché are featured this time. Their latest 7¨ is estimated to have been released in 2012, but they’ve put it up on bandcamp this year. It’s titled “Discos Walden” and is a messy upbeat, rhythmic annihilation that deserves a slap on the wrist for the most post-punkish thing since the 80’s. It’s probably one of the more fitting releases to have the Spanish language included on a release. Since I haven’t really bothered to listen to any Spanish post-punk, this is as close as I get. The melodies are simply outrageous in their own right. A hint of garage can also be found, in the middle of everything, making the vocalist sound crazy and confronting. In any universe where the baseline and the riffs don’t collide, will make a new planet that is deserving of the name “planet“. Both the rhythmic jig of Juventud Juché is celebratory at best and continuous at worst. The kind of energy they bring to the table is filled with suspense and it will make you rock out in your own bedroom, making a fool out of yourself. It also makes me want to learn Spanish. The crossover between garage-punk and post-punk is simply awesome, garnering the tight baselines of post-punk and the distorted landscape of garage-punk in the one and the same, tight category. Also, the variation of their sound-scape, when it comes to how they lay it out – is simply astonishing. It can go from extremely upbeat, to almost downbeat and annoyingly repetitive. But at least there’s a point to it being that, which is to withhold more of the same and bring out more of the other. Featuring songs ranging from “Gibraltar Español” to “Ainhoa“, originally released in 2012 on Gramaciones Grabofónicas, also put out on bandcamp at the 22nd of February.

1369216745-1My, oh my, do we like analogue over here? Yes we do. Remembering the true days of real shit. No, just kidding, but it is kind of nostalgic. The duo featured here is Gardland, a pair of techno-crazed Australians. He’s currently put up his self-titled debut-EP “Gardlands“. Something that’s great with analog sounds is that you get a deeper, more crisp and broadened sound. It doesn’t sound the least plastic and the dynamics between the booming base drums and the more experimental sounds in the mix sound terrifyingly close. It actually reminds you about a lot of the more classic techno, or at least of that which has seen its years. The chaotic environment, the stable and pumping beat, equipped with the analogue vitality that is Techno – can only go one way, which is the successful way. At least if you think about it in a musical perspective. Everything is connected, through and throughout, with a more subtle change within the sound-scape that totally ridicules everything that’s gone through a filter. Here’s some real stuff that will make you shake, that will make you appreciate the sound. It slowly progresses into an abomination, a rolling ball which you cannot stop and a coherent landscape in which those addicted to the genre, can get their fix. I must admit that I rarely write about this genre, their predecessors or anything related, but I can always appreciate a good round of Techno if I ever feel one. My eardrums aren’t bleeding, but they’re shaken because of the experience. Much of it is thanks to the equipment, but the work with the sound-scape is the key. Now, all I can hear is: “Repetition is the key“, which is a line from the track “1767“. Quickly, you’re focused with all your senses and you feel them activating, just to captivate the experience alone. It might be repetitive, but there are things that keep you listening to it and there are things which you simply can’t let go from. Probably some of the better Techno I’ve heard for a while. Tracks featured on the EP are “Decalogue“, “1767“, “Plague Bearer” and “Haut Mal“. Released by himself on the 28th of February. It seems to be totally D.I.Y.