Some questions for Boris Records!


I like to have a peek into the lives of people that make records possible, or just people that like to help other people out. When it comes to music, there’s a lot of labels, artists and bands that rarely get the opportunity to answer questions about their doings. Therefore, these series are meant as a sneak peak into their business. It is not meant to be extravagant, long or in-depth. I just want to know what they’re doing and I want to promote them in any way possible. This time, I asked Boris Records, a local Atlanta label that releases records related to metal, a few questions. Remember to support your local label in any way you can, if you like what you’re hearing or what they’re doing.

What would you say make Boris Records different from other metal-related record companies?

– I created Boris Records to help support the Metal scene here in Atlanta. I only release records by Underground Georgia Metal bands.  As long as there is enough good Metal coming out of Ga. I don’t see that changing anytime soon. In recent years there has been a resurgence in the Metal scene here and as a Metal fan, Boris Records is my way contributing to it as well as documenting it.

Could you tell me what the main focus of your releases are supposed to be when it comes to metal – is everything included?

– No shitty core bands – just good Metal. I just a released a great Thrash record by Sadistic Ritual. The two records before that were Death Metal records and my next release will be by Hellgoat, a Black Metal band from Atlanta. After that I’m putting out another Thrash record, a Doom record and a couple of more Death Metal records. It’s all really diverse good stuff.

What other companies influenced you to start up Boris Records?

– I dig a lot of smaller labels like Detest, Deathgasm and Hells Headbangers, but I think it was more of a realization that there was no one focusing on releasing records by local Metal bands that gave me the idea to start up Boris. I grew up in Texas and the Metal scene there in the 80’s was insane, so in retrospect I guess I just wanted to help get some of that same energy and excitement going here in Atlanta, that I experienced in my youth in Texas.

Currently you’ve released four releases with metal but could you tell me anything about the process behind the making of each album?

– There is no real process. It’s been slightly different for each band. Basically, if I like a band enough to put out a record and the band is into it, then we move forward. I have zero interest in making money at this. Ideally I’d like every record to generate just enough money to put the next record out.

So, what would you say is happening in the near future for Boris Records in these times?

– I should have at least five more releases out by the end of this year – including more insanity from Spewtilator (7″), a CDEP from Disfigurement and I’ll also be releasing a 10″ vinyl this summer from a new Atlanta band.

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