To The Death Records släpper Knivad i år!


Ni anar inte hur peppen steg när man fick reda på detta. Tydligen så har Knivad gått och hittat sig ett väldigt bra bolag, inget mindre än To The Death Records, att släppa på. Därför gör de oss äran och släpper deras kommande alster, vilket är en ytterst bra nyhet med tanke på hur många sömnlösa nätter som har påbörjats och avslutats med låtar som “Ryggen full av kniv“, “Ner i skiten igen” samt “En dag med inget kvar“. Förutom detta har även några av deras låtar fått plats på den numera nedlagda podcastserien som jag styrde och ställde med, som ni alla vet hette Svensk Punk och Hardcore. Spänningen stiger och ni kommer förmodligen att få mer detaljer om detta i framtiden, men tills dess kan ni lyssna på deras demolåtar och de nyligen tillagda låtarna “Av skam är du kommen” samt “Mata elden” här nedanför.

Thee Showcase [#8]: Hela and el CAMINO!

843412213-1Hello, you’ve now stumbled upon Thee Showcase. Which is an attempt to make everything a little bit more classy. First up is the band Hela from Spain, which was created from the remnants of the band The Sand Collector. They’re currently prevalent with their single for their coming self-titled album “Hela“. It seems like they’re trying hard to be doom, but at the same time adhere to the more classic vein of heavy metal. In other words, they’re an interesting mix of those two primary genres. When it comes to the atmosphere of their music, their clean vocals with filters seems to be incorporated with the more melodic vein of doom metal you’ve heard for a while. Instead of chugging along with deep passages that are distasteful in their unmelodious splendor, these guys have caught the drift of melodic passages. Across the Atlantic, rounding every corner, being just a breath of fresh air between the two pair of contested genres. It’s noticeable how much of the music that is actually connected to the core of the melodic content. Nowhere to be seen is the more droopy feeling you can get by listening to a lot of doom metal. I hail them for this successful elimination of the bad things within that particular genre, as heavy metal lends them a torch to light the entire project ablaze. Hopefully, they’ll have even more success with their whole album when everything boils down to it. Because the two tracks being featured on this single are absolutely wonderful in their total dismemberment of a once proud genre. No, they’re actually the ones that blows life into it once again. Tracks featured on this single is “Horns Of God” and “The Wicked King“, the album itself will be released someday in May this year. It seems like it will be a D.I.Y-release.

NTR012 SMÅLAND 12 Jacket (No Spine)Another band that’s being featured here is from the same realm as me. They might not come from the same city, but el CAMINO are from Sweden, probably Småland. Before they release their second full-length “The Gold of the Great Deceiver“, they’ve actually released a three-tracked single which goes by the name of “Småland“. It will also be the main focus for Thee Showcase. What’s interesting about this band is their unorthodox brand of heavy metal meets doom metal, which isn’t actually in the same vein as the band mentioned before, but more dark and less quirky when it comes to the melodies. Much of the music seems to be centered around the vocalist, which does a hell of a job to conjure this nocturnal feeling and landscape of perfectly laden music. Reminds me a lot of the earlier Swedish death-doom metal, which have always been great in the department of producing both unmelodious and melodic content. Another thing which I would adhere to when listening to this, is the fact that they blend both Swedish and English vocals when it comes to the lyrical content. There haven’t really been many bands that could even produce great metal when the lyrical content had to be in another language than the English. Also, another thing that has to be mentioned is that they pull of a great cover of Venoms popular song “In League With Satan“, without it sounding ridiculous. It’s some mean music these guys produce and I hope their coming album will be something you actually can’t wait to get your hands on. Not to mention the obvious influence of some of the greater bands from the realms of NWOBHM. Sweden have been great so far when it comes to producing some unique music. I’m hoping they do more songs that are in Swedish, but I also hope that they prevail in the Anglo-Saxon language that is English. This release feature the songs “Småland“, “I lag med Satan” and “Daemonangel“. It was released by the Swedish label Night Tripper Records on the 26th of February. Their second full-length album “The Gold of the Great Deceiver” will be released in April.

Tiger Bell har en ny musikvideo och en kommande platta!

Med tanke på att Tiger Bell har varit en runda på nätet nu en längre tid, så kunde mina nerver inte stilla sig själva. Därför var jag tvungen att tillägga att deras senaste låt “Slaugther’s Daughter” nu finns som officiell musikvideo. En låt som återfinns på deras kommande EP med samma namn. Deras musikvideo är producerad av Blåfilm och Emma Wennström. Medverkar i videon gör även Luleå Roller Derby. Så om du har vägarna förbi så kan du nu även spana in deras video här på Invisible Guy. Nedanför kan ni även finna vilka låtar som är inkluderade i deras släpp, samt grafiken till omslaget som är gjord av Nickedocka. Det går sedan några dagar tillbaks att förbeställa EPn hos Bengans och vinylskivan som är vit och tiotummare, släpps officiellt den 18:e Mars.



Slaughter’s Daughter


Look Into My Eyes
Baby, You’re A Murderer
Na Na Na