Moron Express släpper ny låt!


Ni har förmodligen hört talas om bandet från Svensk Punk och Hardcore, men har ni inte följt min numera nedlagda podcastserie, eller läst min intervju med dem här borta, så kanske de är desto mer okända. Struntsamma, de lirar i alla fall en variant av melodiös punk, vilket innebär att de lagt grunden för en hel del medryckande låtar. Nu har de skruvat upp produktiviteten igen och har därför släppt sprillans nytt material. Låten som nu har släppts går under namnet “Radio Song” och spelades in för några månader sedan hos Nordliga Breddgrader. Ett 8-kanalers ljudkort användes, men utan pre-amps och andra hjälpmedel. Fäst er blick nedanför och spela låten direkt.

Slowday Showcase [#7.5]: Rusted Brain and Crystal Maze!

954218932-1Time for the last round of the Slowday Showcase. It’s been two slow fucking days and I’m not going back. Time for a barrage of thrash, with the polish purveyors Rusted Brain. Currently being actualized with their album “High Voltage Thrash“, which surely makes a name in and of itself. It’s obvious that these maniacs have conjured this fine landscape of sound, to enthrall us mortals with their very presence. As a whole, they blend the heaviness of black metal in their subliminal background, as they portray their own thrash in a more positive light – making it the overlapping sound of the whole she-bang. Technically, this rips me to shreds whilst listening and the utmost riff will tingle in my spine for minutes after the song is complete. Unfortunately, only two songs are featured from the track-list of nine songs. Which makes this a little bit harder to pass judgement on, but if I concentrate, I shall be able to do it. The only thing that might not be so fascinating about it is the vocals, but everything else is totally on point. But, yeah, the singer is not only problematic, he delivers a whole ripping out of the dungeon. It might not always match the crazy sound-scape, but he at least makes an effort and energizes a barrage of riffs, before the drums are totally whacked out of existence, due to the thrashing. If there’s one album where you can’t use the word “thrash” enough, it might actually be this one. In one notion or another, they remind me of a thrashing outfit, influenced by Vader to a degree. At least when it comes to the underlying heaviness and the general picture of a “huge” landscape of sound, dwelling in the dark, waiting to hunt you down. Fuck, this is surely one of the much better releases in that category this year alone. What a great way to start your year, with a total annihilation of your brain. Or at least your eardrums. Quickly, fetch your head and head-bang to it, because it will be worth it in the end. Featuring tracks ranging from “Intro (Apocalypse Now)” and “Burn ‘Em“, but only two songs up right now. Released by the American label Tridroid Records on the 21st of February.

1278532432-1Have you ever wanted some of that sweet techno from Detroit back? Well, wait no longer, because it is returning. From this duo coming from different parts of the world, namely Italy and the Netherlands. They’re called Crystal Maze and will never cease to amaze. Currently achieving their dream with a totally new double-LP album titled “Enter The Maze“. Everything clings to the ambient sphere of things, with a lot of overlaying Detroit techno for the masses to indulge in. But I don’t think this is going to appeal to them, more than it will appeal to you hardcore Detroit techno fans out there. There’s a lot of minimalism in it, some influences of IDM and other things that will get you off course. Imagine yourself twirling into the weirdest galaxy you’ve ever been in, following the trail of 808 beats and sufficient blip-bloops. Imagine being out for a walk, in the middle of the country, while it’s raining. Your ideal soundtrack would of course be something like this, as you contemplate about life through the eyes of Crystal Maze. Something about these tracks also sound mystical, as if they were embodying a more jazz-induced experience, but instead within the realms of electronica. Suggestive landscapes, cigarettes blowing smokes and dank, unlit neighborhoods. Hard, swooping electro is not an exception either, which would be a telltale of their amazing width and length – both genre-wise and track-wise. It’s also sufficient to say that they’re not cutting any slack on these tracks, because they’re either pumping along or streaming with landscapes, that would make the genre ambient scream out in full jealously. In the snap of a finger, it can go from a mysterious manhunt, to a sincere electromechanical pick nick out in the field. Quite a rush, quite a feeling and quite abnormal when it comes to Detroit techno. At least if I reminiscence of the days before and walk away because of those in front of me. This is how you tell a story. Featuring tracks ranging from “Overture” to “Gateway 11“, released by the label aDepth Audio on the 18th of February.